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  • The term High Roller comes with a certain swagger to it, it conjures up images of walking into a Vegas casino and having the entire pit crew know who you are, of being lavished with free drinks, sweet smiles and knowing that no matter which way your luck runs tonight you’ll be having a good time.

    It’s not much different in the online casino world, other than having a regular flow of drinks of course, however attentive VIP hosts have been known to ship their favourite big spenders an overpriced champagne or woody single malt whisky from time-to-time.

    A High Roller has many other names, the two most common being Whale or VIP, both of which simply point to the fact that you are seen as a valued player at the casino, one who is expected to spend freely and in return has the right to expect service that is a notch or twelve above that of the average player.

    Have a Whale of a time!

    As a High Roller, your value will speak for itself, the more you deposit and wager the higher your cumulative value in the eyes of the casino, and the more they will vie for your attention – and of course your wallet!

    Their attention will come in the form of many things, the most notable of these being that you will be provided with a personal VIP host who will be at your beck and call whenever and wherever you need them.

    In addition, there will be a special High Roller support line where should you need something technical handled. Let’s be fair your VIP host can get you a comp in a heartbeat but they’re probably not the one you want to figure out your Wi-Fi connection while you travel. Best of all, these hotlines are open 24/7 and staffed specifically to cater to important players.

    Your status as a High Roller will also get you something which is very rare in the online casino space and that is a one-on-one relationship with not only the VIP Hosts but even casino management. The upper echelons of the gambling fraternity are invited on exclusive ocean liner cruises, given tickets to extravagant events such sold out concerts or Vegas prize fights – all while being accompanied by the staff of the online casino who are there to ensure you are treated like royalty.

    Imagine Your Own Personal Casino! The now notorious high roller Terrance Watanabe, was once given an online casino which had been branded in his image. He was also the only player!

    While there are some truly wild and crazy stories of the demands VIP players have made of online casinos, here are 6 Additional Daily Perks of being a High Roller:

    • Exclusive high roller bonuses – you can expect daily high value bonuses and reloads tailored to your preferred style of depositing and playing.
    • The freedom to depositing without limits – as a big spender the casinos will cater to your preferences by lifting depositing restrictions.
    • Special bonus terms – often casinos will offer special bonus terms like reduced wagering requirements to high rollers.
    • Better Loyalty Point multipliers – high rollers receive far higher loyalty point (also known as comp point) multipliers meaning you get more cash back from the bets you’re already placing.
    • Speedy withdrawals – you’re known to be a regular who spends often and big, the casino will be only too happy to make sure you get your withdrawals quickly. Mostly to encourage you to spend again!
    • Special gifts – you know your worth and so do they, your VIP host will ensure you get the gift you want so don’t be shy to tell them what you like, and what you don’t. Share the dates of any days you hold dear so they can be sure to celebrate with you.


    Each high roller casino you visit may differ, but the premise remains the same. These casinos aim to provide a playing experience for high rollers that they'll never forget. This experiences extend to opening up special online tables, much like a privé lounge at the Monte Carlo, where only the elite high rollers are invited to play.

    C’mon anyone can join the VIP program! Publicly advertised Loyalty Programs, also called VIP Programs, are simply platforms that allow everyday players to earn small rewards for playing and depositing. Being a true High Roller is to belong to an exclusive club that only accepts the very top players.

    4 High Roller Bonuses & Perks You Should Never Be Without

    Betting big and winning big is at the base of what every high roller aims to achieve. Because high roller casinos want to attract and retain the right players, they will often offer exclusive high roller bonuses to keep their players happy.

    High roller bonuses include larger than normal deposit bonuses, extra rewards for more deposits, and lower wagering requirements. The latter is extremely important to high rollers and VIP players as they want to keep their hands on as much of their winnings as possible. Smart high roller casinos will drop the wagering requirements as low as possible to make sure their best players are kept happy.

    Play to Your Advantage: Don Johnson, not the Miami Vice actor but an actual Atlantic City high roller, won $15 million in three days by leveraging the casino’s willingness to pander to a big spender. He negotiated better gaming terms at the blackjack table and favourable incentives on his losses.

    Top tier online casinos will also provide their high value players with bonus codes which they can redeem at any time – this ensures that should you feel the urge to hit the tables, you have the ability to access your account and start playing immediately.

    Remember, as a High Roller you never want to be gambling without the following perks being set in place for you:

    1. No limits on the amount you can deposit – nothing is more frustrating than having to stop gambling because you can’t deposit, be sure to set your requirements up with your VIP manager before you start playing.

    2. Bonuses that can keep pace with your spend – a line of bonuses based on either your deposit limits or prearranged bonus codes will allow you to stay entertained all night long.

    3. Higher table limits at all your favourite games – you’re not a little fish, have your VIP host ensure your favourite table has the limits adjusted to meet your betting strategy!

    4. Special incentives – VIP hosts are allowed to offer the mightiest of gamblers a percentage of their losses back. Also, the quicker your losses took place, the bigger that percentage can be, smart money managers say to negotiate your percentage upfront.

    This Way to El Dorado!

    We recommend visiting the High Roller Bonus guide for our list of community vetted high roller casinos and bonuses that will be sure to grab your attention.

    Why not join the exclusive Gambler’s Pick community to share your insights and experiences with other High Rollers, share the joys of a great casino and help your fellow players avoid the pitfalls of the unscrupulous ones.

    Pro Tip! Given that blackjack already has the lowest house edge of all casino games (a miniscule 0.5%-1.8%), negotiating favourable returns on your losses (between 10%-20%) will give you a fantastic opportunity to be the one landing a whale of a win!


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    What kind of perks do VIP & high roller casinos offer?

    VIP & high roller casinos offer big welcome bonuses and special rewards for their high roller customers, which often include more special bonuses, high-value free spins, VIP tickets to various events, luxury trips, dedicated casino managers, and more.

    Why do some casinos focus on high roller players?

    Certain online casinos prefer to focus on VIP customers because these are high value players who are prepared to spend a lot of money gambling. Of course, to attract these customers, they also have to offer them special perks.

    Are VIP & high roller casinos a good place for an average player?

    While all players are welcome to play, regular players playing at casinos targeting VIP customers might find the number and value of promotions and bonuses available to them somewhat lacking.

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