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  • 22_bulb.pngOnline casinos have been evolving for over two decades, with new games and new features introduced over time and the overall flavor of the gambling games offered changing quite a bit. The introduction of live casino games into online casinos has been one of the greatest changes in the industry to date and live poker games have been a major part of it.

    Live poker games offer the players a chance to experience the full atmosphere of playing casino poker games with live casino dealers.

    The games are streamed from live locations around the world using a webcam, straight to your desktop or mobile devices.

    Players get the chance to place bets using their online casino accounts, but the entire action is happening in a live casino environment, where live dealers are dealing and flipping the cards and the players are sharing their hand against the dealer.

    22_live.png Live Poker Variations and Gameplay

    Popular live poker games in online casinos include Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Hold’em, while some other variations are sometimes offered as well. The games are played with players making virtual wagers on the outcome of real money hands. Every player who is playing at the table gets dealt the same hand and gets to make his own decisions, which is why you will often see different players come up with different results, emphasizing the value of strategy in poker games.

    While every poker game out there has an optimal strategy that players should follow, some players will always feel more lucky and decide to take more shots, sometimes to their detriment and other times to their profit. This elements makes the live poker games even more interesting as you get to see other players’ results and can compete against them in a sense as to which players made the better decisions.

    You can start playing live poker games in online casinos today by signing up with one of the best online casinos in the world and even claim generous deposit bonuses that will keep your bankroll lasting longer and going further.

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