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  • 22_bulb.pngVideo poker represents for many one of the best ways to make the transition from luck-based games to those that reward skill and strategy. They bear many similarities to slots, but they usually have a higher payout ratio, especially if players choose the right system.

    What makes real money video poker so popular is the low house edge, which can be further decreased by making the correct choices.

    This empowers players and gives them a sense of purpose, while retaining the fun and relaxing nature of slots.

    Real money video poker at online casinos can frequently be played on mobile devices and run lag free. They use the same classic decks with 52 cards that are reshuffled after each hand, so card counting is rendered irrelevant. Players win cash whenever they make a better hand than the dealer, assuming the latter has a qualifying hand. There are special payouts for top hand such as royal and straight flushes, four of a kind and full houses.

    22_info.png Keep an Eye on the Real Money Video Poker Payouts Tables

    Slots can make players rich if they trigger progressive jackpots, but real money video poker is better at producing sustainable winnings. That’s because the return to player frequently exceeds 98% when players use optimal strategy. The house edge can be further reduced if players make all the right decisions, such as the cards to keep and the ones to discard. It’s easy to learn the rules of real money video pokers, since most games have the same lowest qualifying hand for the dealer.

    When playing real money video poker, the best case scenario is to reduce the house edge to less than 1%. Players still need to exercise perfect bankroll management to avoid downswings and bad beats, but they have a good chance with video pokers.

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