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    Most slots are published as an individual game that enjoys popularity for a little while and then it is forgotten when new games come along. Some slots, however, are so popular with players that developers get back to them after a while to make a sequel or even a few of them. That’s how slots series usually come about. Lately, however, we’ve seen some games that have been envisioned as series right from the get go, such as Playtech’s Age of the Gods or NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends. Either way, slots series are always cool, because they give players a chance to enjoy the game they love but with a fresh design and new features.


    What game information is available on the slot series page?

    On our slot series page, we have listed all the slots on our site that are part of a multi-part series. We recommend ordering the list alphabetically to see the casino games that make up your favourite series.

    Once you have found a slot series you would like to play, click on the slot machine's title. This will take you to a slot series page dedicated to that group of games. Here we have an overview of the series and a link to every game in the group, making it easy to find the entire listing in one place.

    Once you select a slot series to review, you can choose a game to play. Clicking that slot icon will take you to a dedicated review of that specific slot machine. Here you will find information on its theme, bet settings, jackpot potential, release date, and software provider.

    A slot series is an exciting new development in casino game creation. When a slot machine with a particular set of characters or storyline becomes popular, game developers will make a series of ongoing games in that universe for fans to enjoy.

    As with any form of entertainment, fans become attached to characters and experiences. Playing a slots series allows you to enjoy new features and payouts while still interacting with characters, locations, and themes you love.

    When developing a series of related slot machines, there is no limit on what type of game can be used. This means that players can enjoy classic fruit machines, 3D slots, progressive jackpot games and more when playing a series slot.

    Yes, hundreds of free-to-play slots have been developed into long-running series. Most of the online and mobile slots on your Slots Series page will offer you a demo version to play before you spend real money.

    Offering a progressive jackpot does not automatically mean a slot is part of a series. However, games in a series can provide progressive jackpots. A good example is the Thunderstruck series, where Thunderstruck 2 has been enhanced by adding a Mega Moolah progressive jackpot.

    Yes, you can. All the slot series games we provide access to can be played for real money. On each game page, you will find several recommended online casinos. These sites will offer the slot you are interested in playing for real money. Join the casino you find most attractive using the link we provide and enjoy world-class real-money gaming.

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