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  • 22_bulb.pngIf there is one thing slots have in abundance that's various symbols appearing on the reels. For the most part, symbols serve to mark winning combinations and they are a graphic representation of the RNG calculations. However, there are also those that server a special purpose and help increase players' winnings. Multiplier symbols play a special role in this group.

    As the name suggest, multiplier symbols multiply the base winnings, and the amount varies from one slot to another.

    22_calculator1.png Slots Multipliers Symbols
    Multipliers can be as low as 2x or as high as 10x or even more for some games. Slots with multiplier symbols are popular because they can turn even a usually regular payline into a substantial win.

    Some games are especially famous for this feature, especially in bonus or Free Spins rounds, where multipliers start off or can reach really big numbers, increasing the excitement and sometimes paying wins that are highly uncharacteristic for a particular bet level and would be hard to obtain on different slots.

    Slots with multiplier symbols can often be quite volatile due to this possibility of a big payday. Some are tamer in this regard, however, as they have fixed 2x or 3x multiplier that combine with the paylines.

    It isn’t at all unusual for a wild symbol to also serve as a multiplier, so that all winning paylines with a wild are also multiplied by a certain number. Some other slots prefer to keep these two things separate, so multiplier symbols are added regardless of whether there is a wild or not.

    Either way, slots with multiplier symbols can be very exciting and very lucrative, which makes them popular among casual players and high rollers alike. We bring you the list of the best-known slots with multiplier symbols for you to enjoy and try your luck with.

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