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  • Online gambling has grown in leaps and bounds, in large part thanks to the amazing advancements in mobile technology! Do you remember when your phone was just for making calls? Neither do we! Your mobile phone is now the hub of your life with social media apps, personal and business email, banking and best of all your favourite casino games all at your fingertips 24/7.

    As mobile technology advanced and players became used to this instant gambling access, the pressure is on for mobile game providers around the world to up the ante in order to compete with the growing market competition. When there’s gold in those hills there will always be new companies pushing the limits of what’s possible in order to carve out their piece of the pie.

    We’ve definitely seen this come true in the race to be the king of the mobile casino hill, the demand for ‘the newer’ and ‘the better’ grows with each passing year as industry giants like Microgaming and Playtech have been shown how to make slots fresh and exciting by relative upstarts such as NetEnt, Thunderkick and Yggdrasil.

    For the fans of mobile gambling this has been both great to watch, who doesn’t like a David versus Goliath story, plus we have reaped the rewards of all the cool new mobile slots available to us on our phones!

    Netent: A Mobile Casino Triumph! Netent won awards for mobile casino entertainment and innovation in 2015, 2016 and 2017! Which is not surprising as CEO Per Eriksson is vocal about these being their core business focal points.

    We are truly living in the golden age of mobile casino as none of the old gaming glitches are apparent anymore and while we’re seeing more and more of our favourite Online Slots being converted from the download software and being incorporated into the mobile platform.

    As a player, you now needn’t even bother with installing a mobile app to streamline your gaming experience from your mobile device, as many casinos and providers offer the latest game offerings via the HTML5 browser interface. This means you can play your favourite game in Chrome (or Safari on mobile) like you would on your laptop or PC.

    4 Awesome Mobile Casino Perks

    The evolution of the mobile casino has come to mean more than just having another device on which to play. As day-to-day life has become more fast paced and demanding consumers have come to demand easier access, higher quality entertainment and always-on instant access from companies and products that want their money.

    This is where the mobile casino entertainment sector has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run delivering all of this and more:

    1. Casino action in your hands - in the past the demands placed on us to travel and be on the move meant less time to wager, now you take your casino with you.
    2. Online when you are - you have guaranteed access to your favourite games, top bonuses and professional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    3. Security, security, security - with multiple user submitted passwords, automated One Time Passwords and secure applications you have total peace of mind when it comes to your digital security.
    4. One account, multiple devices - both your deposits and your bonuses are linked to one user account and this allows you to move between devices without losing out on the rewards!


    You are also no longer limited to different bonuses or different wagering requirement as once was the case in the early days of mobile gambling. The implementation of a one-gambler one-wallet approach to casino gameplay, depositing and withdrawals now allows access to the benefits befitting your gameplay and VIP status across any device of your choosing.

    Are You Not Entertained?

    Just because mobile entertainment is relatively new in comparison to desktop casinos, it does not mean that you will miss out on your favourite game offerings.

    Providers have been proficient in converting many of their classics to mobile compatibility, and it is very rare that a hot new casino slot is released without a mobile counterpart. In fact, it has gotten to the place where an array of titles are exclusively mobile as it is the way of the future.

    A Work In Progress! Not all of your older favourites are guaranteed to be available on your phone just yet. Before you uninstall your download casino software on your pc, check whether or not you can play your lucky slot on the go!

    All your favourite types of games are available on mobile, such as:

    • Mobile Slots: These include video slots, classic slots, High Roller Slots, 3D slots, Vegas Slots, and Progressive Slots – all of which are yours to play anywhere you find yourself.
    • Mobile Table Games: These include Mobile Roulette Games, Mobile Baccarat, and Mobile Blackjack, as well as various table Poker offerings. 
    • Mobile video poker: A variety of versions are available to play including the fan favourite 40 Hand Power Poker.
    • Mobile Scratch Games: A hat tip to lotto and scratch cards found at the local mobile scratch games have a variety of themes, including top slots.
    • Mobile Keno and Lotto Game offerings: These niche games have a dedicated fan base and as such mobile casinos will always offer them.
    • Mobile live dealer games: These include table games such as Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette allowing you to interact with your favourite dealer and players any time you like.


    If you want to try your hand on a platform that doesn’t require you to pay anything, until you are confident that mobile is the way for you, then play opt for free mobile casino games before handing your hard-earned money over to the vendors.

    Slots, Slots and More Mobile Slots

    The most prolific online games segment is without a doubt mobile slots. Though the odds are heavily in favour of the house, the world of mobile slots offers that unique combination of the thrill of the expectation, low risk and massive reward!

    The allure of the hordes of themes available, combined with special extra features and easy gameplay, accounts for their immense popularity. A vast number of slot offerings will provide hours of entertainment to players regardless of their budget, and landing just a few lucky jackpot wins has the capacity to change your life for good.

    Top Slot Tip! To ensure your jackpot win cleans out the House, be sure to set your bets to Maximum. Many slots pay out only a fraction of the advertised Mega Jackpot if you’re only playing a few lines.

    One of the hottest ticket items in the mobile slots arena is the progressive jackpot Slot. This slot has a universal jackpot which climbs by a few cents every time someone spins at the machine across several locations. This causes the jackpot to climb rapidly and payout big!

    Did You Know? In 2017 four mobile casino players cashed out a whopping $22.5 million in jackpots on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah mobile slot!

    A word to the wise, never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Yes, these jackpots are enticing however it is gambling, there is no guarantee of a life-changing win. Rather gamble for the entertainment of it, and if you walk away a millionaire let that be the cherry on top!

    Simplicity is the Key to Enjoyment

    PCs and laptops have stronger computing or processing abilities than your average mobile phone, so it is necessary that modifications be done to a normal desktop game version before they can be played on a mobile device.

    There are essentially two options available to you when embarking on the mobile adventure.

    1. Download and install the casino mobile app
    2. Play on your mobile using an internet browser window


    One option, is that you can download an Android or iOS compatible casino app to your phone or tablet. The apps assist the device to run the game’s complex programming more easily, and without lag, therefore offering you the chance of fast, convenient play.

    The only disadvantage of this, is the fact that each time you want to try a new casino vendor, you may need to change your app. We recommend that you make sure that if you opt for this route, you choose a reputable casino app to download. It makes sense to avoid game buffering and other sound and display issues, which makes casino apps a good option. A list of reputable mobile casino apps can be found here.

    For your second choice, consider playing via your browser. A number of industry leading game providers are producing their online slots and table games in HTML5 format. This means that you need not download an app to play the game. Simply click on your mobile favourite and play it in your compatible browser from your phone or tablet. Here, gameplay is not compromised in any way, at all.

    Playing Together Nicely! With the introduction on their Quickfire product, Microgaming has made it possible for players to have access to several top casino game providers content under one roof. If you love games from different suppliers give one of these multi-product casinos a spin!

    With modern mobile device technology, we find that the CPUs are becoming far more capable of running complicated systems. Combined with the on-board RAM and newer screen resolutions running up to 4K mobile casino gameplay has become a dream. Just ensure that you have an up to date device to ensure that you receive the maximum enjoyment on the mobile games front.

    What is 4K, and why do I care? Smartphones with ultra-HD, or 4K, display means it has up to 4096 dots of colour per square inch of display, compared to your HD television which only boasts 1024 dots per inch! This gives you that amazingly smooth and defined video, and online slots, experience!

    Mobile Casino Security is Tight!

    The security of your personal information and banking transactions is of paramount importance to casino operators around the world. At the end of the day when you’re as spoilt for choice as you are online, your sense of peace and comfort when depositing at your favourite online casinos are one of the ways they will keep you coming back!

    Mobile casino banking has taken what you already expect in terms of meeting all the stringent security protocols set out by the various gambling authorities such as the UKGC and adding multi-level encryption to secure your sensitive information when signing up or logging in to your casino of choice.

    3 ways mobile gambling makes us sleep easy at night!

    1. Banking apps are installed from secured sites or their own branded app stores – there is always a concern about legitimacy when downloading software to your laptop, however when you’re installing an app from a financial site or from their recognised app store page, you know they back the safety of the app 100%!
    2. Banking apps are secured through passwords and OTP’s – not only do you need to have the password for your phone, you also need to have the password for your banking app and the cherry on top is that before a transaction is finalised you are requested to provide a unique One Time Password (OTP) sent to the access point of your choosing!
    3. You can deposit via your mobile contract – in regions such as the UK, it is possible to have your deposits on your mobile casino simply added to your mobile bill. This is the ultimate security measure as the simple fact of you holding your phone in your hand means it’s safe!


    As you can see for yourself, there is no reason to delay taking out your favourite hand-held device and signing up with one of many reputable mobile casinos recommended by the GamblersPick Community who tell it like it is to ensure the best casinos get recognised for their efforts, while the rest don’t waste your time or money.

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    Why do mobile casinos exist?

    Mobile casinos allow players to log in, deposit, play, and withdraw – all using their mobile devices. This makes thing very convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

    What kind of a mobile device do I need to play?

    These days, mobile casinos have been optimized in such a fashion as to cater to a very wide range of devices, allowing players to access games through the mobile browser interface, without having to download any apps.

    Do mobile casinos have the same games found on desktop computer casinos?

    A majority of big game developers have made sure to offer their games in mobile versions as well, and nowadays people can even play numerous live dealer games on their phones and tablets.

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