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  • How are large pools of cash and slots connected? That's right, progressive jackpots!

    Think of Progressive Jackpots as large pools of cash in games that build up every time a deposit is made on a progressive jackpot game.

    Believe it or not, progressive jackpots are not limited to slots – they include many exciting casino card games and table games too. The payouts on progressive jackpot games are typically determined by a random sequence of symbols or winning combinations. In poker games, this could be a Royal Flush, and in slots games, it could be 5 identical symbols in one row. The progressive jackpot builds with every real-money bet that is placed in that game.

    Hear that? That's the sound of a progressive jackpot climbing!22_speaker.png

    Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

    Online Casinos Instantly Reseed Progressive Jackpots

    Note that progressive jackpots are often shared across multiple online casinos using the same software provider such as Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, BetSoft, iSoftBet and others. Progressive jackpots can be specific to a single casino or shared on a network.

    In all progressive jackpot games, a percentage of the total wager goes towards seeding the progressive jackpot prize pool. You don’t have to worry about progressive jackpot totals running dry – casinos automatically reseed them with a set amount which will vary from one progressive jackpot game to the next.

     The largest concentration of the progressive jackpots  is found in slots .22_info.png

    Many of these slots are shared on the same software network with multiple online casinos. This helps the jackpots to grow quickly, and substantially. Other exciting progressive jackpot games include Blackjack – an exciting skill-based casino card game where players can enjoy large progressive jackpots on games. The jackpot prize pools can rise to millions of dollars at leading online casinos.

    Other top casino card games include Caribbean Stud Poker where players can place side bets on the jackpot game. Texas Holdem Poker games routinely pay progressive jackpots when players hit a ‘Bad Beat’. If players hold 4 of a Kind, these jackpots can pay out handsomely.

    You’re always in with a fighting chance with these mega-money progressive jackpots. The temperature gauge featured on each of our progressive jackpot games is your best indicator of how hot that jackpot is right now. The more players actively enjoying a game, the more likely a payout is going to be made. Who knows – it could be you!

    The Hottest Online Casino Jackpots22_slots.png

    The top progressive jackpots are listed right here at Gambler’s Pick with our proprietary Jackpot Meter rating system. Notice the semicircle is either yellow or red. If the progressive jackpot is associated with a red rating, you know that it’s on fire, and the time to play is now.

    There are hundreds progressive jackpots currently available at all our featured online casinos. You can pick progressive jackpot games based on your personal playing preferences, themes, or jackpot prize pools.

    Since these progressive jackpots can be hit at any time, we recommend scanning our listings for the hottest games. 

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    What are some of the hottest progressive jackpots right now?

    Although there are quite a few games to keep an eye out for, we’d single out Jackpot Giant, Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune, and Mega Moolah.

    What happens if I win one of these jackpots?

    First, you’ll be contacted by the casino to confirm your details. Next, the game developer will reach out to you to set everything up.

    How can players receive their jackpot winnings?

    Progressive jackpot winnings are usually paid straight to your bank account, pending necessary preparations.

    Can jackpot really be due?

    Although we like to joke about it, there is really no telling when a progressive jackpot is “due.” The fact that a jackpot hasn’t hit in a while doesn’t mean it is bound to hit soon (and vice-versa).

    Which of these hottest progressive jackpots would you recommend?

    Since luck is the only factor that plays any role in determining who walks away with the jackpot, the best “strategy” is to go for the biggest one. If you are going to get lucky, why not do it on the slot offering the best payout at the moment.

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