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  • 22_bulb.pngBetween Mac computers and PCs, the number of people using PCs is certainly much bigger. This has often created problems for Mac users, because various software developers weren't particularly keen on spending time to develop Mac versions of their programs, seeing how the market was usually too small.

    Strangely enough, online casinos weren't an exception to this rule.

    When the online gambling industry first started, a number of Mac casinos was very small, leaving players with a limited number of alternatives. 

    Luckily, things have changed with time.

    22_history.pngWhen online casinos first appeared, the only way for players to join the action was to download the casino software and install it on their computers. Because PCs and Mac computers are very different, it was impossible to install the PC software on a Mac. At the same time, because the number of people wanting to play from a Mac was fairly low, very few casinos offered a Mac version of their software.

    This meant that Mac casinos were in a high demand but the market simply wasn't big enough. Some of the bigger casinos did develop Mac instances of their software, but the PC software remained better developed and offered more games.

    Things started to change for Mac players when instant play casinos began to appear. As the prefix “instant” suggests, these casinos required no download or installation – players could simply log in from their web browsers and start playing.

    It still took some time for Mac casinos to really develop, as instant play platforms were initially based on Flash, which wasn’t Mac-friendly. But then, HTML 5 came to be and it was finally possible to offer all the players the same gambling experience regardless of what computer or system they prefer to use.

    These days, the term “Mac casinos” has lost some of its weight because of this very fact. As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, you can play your favorite games at most online casinos. Of course, there are still a few casinos that also offer downloadable versions of their software, including a few intended specifically for Mac computers, but instant-play platforms have made these almost redundant.

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    How many Mac casinos are there out there these days?

    In the modern era, pretty much all online casinos are Mac casinos as well, thanks to the fact players can play from their web browsers.

    What do I need to get started with a Mac casino?

    There are no special plugins or software required to play at Mac casinos these days. Simply go to the casino web site, log in, and start playing. There are almost no differences between PC and Mac casinos these days.

    What Mac casinos can I install on my computer?

    There are a few online casinos that have installable Mac software on offer, but these are pretty rare. That said, instant-play casinos have become so advanced that there is practically no need to ever install any software on your computer, be it a PC or a Mac.

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