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  • 22_bulb.pngPoker has never been a game that lacked action, but some of us are simply too big action junkies to be satisfied with what other players are happy with. Playing a hand of poker against the casino can be exhilarating, but playing three, four or five at the same time will definitely be even more amazing.

    Online casinos have decided that it was time to treat us to a special brand of action, with the introduction of multi hand poker games.

    22_poker.png Multi Hand Poker Variations and Strategy

    Multi hand poker games allow poker players to get dealt multiple hands of poker at the same time, all of them competing against a single dealer’s hand or the preset paytable, depending on the poker variation.

    This type of poker gameplay makes playing poker online infinitely more exciting. Just imagine scooping the dealer on five separate boxes at the poker table as his hand simply can’t match and of the ones you have been dealt. This is the kind of action you can expect at the multi hand poker tables.

    Multi hand poker is not a single game but a type of poker games. Games like Three Card Poker and Casino Hold’em are all offered in multi hand variations at various online casinos, with players having to choose the multi hand table in order to be able to play multiple hands.

    While the rules of the games remain the same for multi hand poker games, there is an extra piece of strategy that players can apply to make casino edge even smaller in these games. Being able to see multiple hands at the same time means being able to predict dealer’s holdings with more ease. For instance, seeing all aces already dealt out reduces the chance of the dealer qualifying for the hand etc.

    You can play multi hand poker games at online casinos today by simply signing up to any one of our recommended online casinos. Register for an account today, claim a generous welcome bonus and enjoy playing multiple hands of poker at the same time.

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