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  • When thinking about progressive jackpots, we usually think about classic and video slots as more than 90% of all progressive games found online belong to these two categories. However, Game developers are well aware that there are many people who enjoy classic table games and they try their best to cater to this segment of the market as well. progressive jackpot blackjack represents one of these attempts, and there are currently several progressive variations of the game found at online casinos.

    As one of undisputed market leaders, Microgaming offers their own version of progressive jackpot blackjack called Triple Sevens available at a number of online casinos powered by Microgaming. To win the jackpot, players need to place a $1 side-bet and then get dealt three 7s in diamonds. Since blackjack involves elements of skill, the existence of the jackpot can influence the basic strategy and for the bet to be profitable, the progressive jackpot needs to be above $109,000. Players can also win smaller jackpots for being dealt three sevens of any suite or two or three sevens of the same (non-diamond) suite.

    Playtech has a progressive jackpot blackjack variation as well. Unlike Microgaming's version, Playtech's progressive blackjack is all about aces. Once the player places a $1 side-bet, they'll be looking to be dealt four suited aces to be awarded the full progressive jackpot. However, even being dealt three suited aces will award 5,000x the side bet. Four aces of any suite are good for $2,500, etc. The break-even point for this variation is vera high, though, at nearly $286,000, which means you should only play the side bet if the jackpot is above this amount.

    Another progressive jackpot blackjack variation found at online casinos is provided by WGS Technology. It is similar to the one powered by Playtech, as you'll need to be dealt four suited aces to win the jackpot. However, if you're dealt any four aces, regardless of the suites, you'll win 10% of the current jackpot pool. The break-even point for this jackpot is the same as the previous one - $285,951.

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    Are there any progressive jackpot blackjack tables online?

    Yes, there are a few variations of progressive jackpot blackjack games found at online casinos.

    When is the progressive jackpot awarded at a blackjack table?

    This depends on the variation and the provider. Broadly speaking, winning a jackpot always involves being dealt an exact combination of cards.

    What are my odds of winning a jackpot?

    Again, this depends on the variation as some card combos are easier to hit than the others.

    What is the break-even point mentioned a few times in the text?

    The break-even point is the point at which it becomes profitable to place side-bets and try to win the jackpot. Playing when the jackpot is under the break-even point negatively influences your win rate.

    Can I still use the basic strategy to play progressive jackpot blackjack games?

    For the most part, yes. You'll need to make some adjustments for the hands with the jackpot potential, but these shouldn't be a major influence.

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