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  • Texas Hold’em is often referred to as the Cadillac of poker and is the game which has gained massive popularity in brick and mortar casinos around the world as the single most competitive card game out there. While Texas Hold’em is usually played among players, online casinos also offer the Casino Texas Hold’em Poker variation, a game played between the player and the house.

    Like any Texas Hold’em game, this game gives the player two hole cards and places a flop of three cards on the middle of the table. Once the player sees the flop, they can decide on whether to keep playing, placing double ant bet on the call field, or fold their hand.

    Once the player calls the bet two more cards, the turn and the river, are dealt out on the middle of the table. Dealer’s two hole cards are also turned over and the best five card poker hand wins the hand. The dealer’s hand must be at least a pair of fours in order to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, the player wins the hand. If the dealer qualifies, the player must have a better five card hand to win.

    While player wins every time they have a better hand, they will win higher payouts in cases where their hand is stronger. For instance, a royal flush will win the player a 100:1 payout instead of the even money payout that is paid for a hand weaker than a straight.

    The AA Bonus Feature

    To further spice up the game, many casino software providers offer an AA Bonus option in their Texas Hold’em games. The bonus gives the player a chance to win additional payouts by placing a separate bet on the value of the first five cards.

    Once the flop is dealt out, the player will automatically be awarded the AA Bonus payouts if his current hand qualifies for it. Payouts for the AA Bonus start at a pair of aces and pay 7:1 all the way up to a straight. Flushes and better pay 25:1 to the player.

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