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  • As it adheres to French laws and regulations, Mayotte currently offers no legal online casino operators that players could sign up with.

    Mayotte is a group of islands under French jurisdiction located off the coast of South Africa. Since the region is regulated by French laws, online gambling is restricted for players from Mayotte. There are currently no legal and licensed options offering their services here.

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    Gambling in Mayotte

    Broadly speaking, gambling is allowed in Mayotte as there are no laws preventing operators from setting up a land-based shop here. However, there are currently no brick and mortar casinos operating in the jurisdiction so locals don’t have any gaming options available to them.

    Despite the restrictions, there are still certain offshore online casinos accepting Mayotte players. These casinos are operating illegally as they don’t have required licenses to perform such activities. Thus, players should be very careful about these operators and would be best off avoiding them entirely as playing under these circumstances leaves them open to a variety of different risks.

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