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    Name: Danish Krone
    Type: Currency
    Code: DKK
    Symbol: kr

    The Danish krone (Sign:kr and Code: DKK) is the currency of Denmark, Greenland. On this page you can find a list of online casinos that accept Danish krone as a deposit or withdrawal method.

    Danish Krone Online Casinos

    Denmark decided to stick to the Danish Krone well after it was admitted into the European Union. There's no reason to expect them to change their mind anytime soon, so it makes perfect sense to anticipate a surge in the number of Danish Krone online casinos. These operators accept players from all European countries and even beyond, but naturally focus on the Danish market.

    Casinos for You


    Danish players, just like their European counterparts have learned to appreciate the convenience of gambling in their home currency. That’s why they check out Danish Krone Online Casinos first, before expanding the search to international operators. With plenty of quality casinos offering the possibility to deposit and wager in DKK, they have no reason to make compromises. The upside is that they begin the gaming experience by getting rid of all expenses associated to currency conversion.

    In the great scheme of things, the number of Danish casinos is relatively small and industry leaders are headquartered elsewhere. As a result, there are more local players who seek the services of foreign operators and international customers signing up at Danish Krone Online Casinos. In both cases, the casinos will automatically convert the currency used by players in one of the currencies offered by the casinos. This adds an additional step that should be avoided whenever possible.


    Are there many online casinos accepting Danish Krone?

    The Danish gambling market is strictly regulated, so only a handful of casinos meet the requirements and receive a license. Having said this, there are many online casinos accepting Danish Krone even though they are based elsewhere. That's because they cherish the business of Danish players.

    How can I play at a Danish Krone casino if I don't use Danish Krone?

    Players from most countries don’t have the option of gambling in their native currency. Just like them, those who decide to play at Danish Krone casinos will have their national currency converted in DKK.

    Are there any advantages to playing at Danish Krone online casinos?

    Players from Denmark who choose to deposit and wager in Danish Krone have more money available for gambling. That’s because not a single dime is lost when depositing and cashing out funds, as a result of currency exchange fees.

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