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    Name: Florincoin
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: FLO
    Symbol: FLO

    Florincoin (symbol: , code: FLO) is an innovative and untraceable open-source crypto-currency. On this page you will find a list of all online casinos that accept Florincoin as a payment method.

    Florincoin Online Casinos

    Florincoin is a script mineable crypto-currency, which offers quick transaction processing. It is based on the same source code as Bitcoin and Litecoin, but entails improvements. Its unique combination of Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake block generation methods and separated target limits makes it completely untraceable and allows users to keep their privacy and fund their online casino account with one of the most reliable digital currencies. Players do not have to look long and hard to find a Florincoin online casino as there are plenty of online gambling sites that accept this crypto-currency as a payment method. The number of Florincoin online casinos has spread over the internet as it uses secure and entirely clean transactions and has thus become very popular among online casino players.

    Casinos for You


    Florincoin is one of the most used digital currencies, and players and online casinos appreciate its reliability and convenience. Players need to find a Florincoin wallet in order to use it as online casino deposit or withdrawal method. After getting the wallet address, players can get Florincoins in one of two ways. They can either purchase them online or have someone who already has some Forincoins send them over. Once players have the desired amount of Florincoin, they can visit one of the numerous Florincoin online casinos and deposit into their account by sending Florincoin to a given wallet address. Florincoin also uses transaction comments, enabling a variety of enhancements and applications.


    Are there many Florincoin online casinos out there?

    The number of online casinos accepting Florincoin has been growing steadily, as operators have come to appreciate new possibilities offered by this enhanced cryptocurrency.

    Why should I gamble using Florincoin?

    This cryptocurrency brings with a very high level of anonymity and safety.

    Where can I get some Florincoins?

    Florincoin can be acquired at a number of larger cryptocurrency exchanges. Alternatively, a friend or an acquaintance can send some to your wallet address.

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