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    Name: OmiseGO
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: OMG
    Symbol: OMG

    OmiseGO was established in Thailand by the Omise company. The main project revolving around OmiseGO was primarily based on the mega-popular Ethereum platform, before moving into the world of blockchain technology in 2018. The OmiseGo payment platform works smoothly across the majority of open protocols. Moreover, it effortlessly integrates with many other blockchain technology-powered networks. It also offers a great range of services which work perfectly for online casino players who prefer using non-traditional payment means.

    OmiseGO Online Casinos

    Using OmiseGO for online casino gaming works similarly to using other types of digital currencies. First of all, interested players need to set up their digital wallets which offer the ability of trading between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Once players have their OmiseGO e-wallets set up, they connect them with their online casino accounts and play.

    Casinos for You


    Since OmiseGO scales great across many different ecosystems, blockchain platforms, and services, there is a decent number of online gaming venues which utilize this payment system. All things considered, the OmiseGO payment system is fully protected from any kind of cyber-attack and double-spending. What is even more, the company’s OmiseGO HODLers approves all transactions with a bullet-proof algorithm.


    What offers OmiseGO?

    OmiseGO offers the opportunity to securely spend your digital assets anywhere and anytime using its financial platform.

    What is OmiseGo and when it was established?

    OmiseGo as a technology firm whose main mission is to enable safe and secure digital asset transactions was established by Omise in 2013.

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