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    Name: Qtum
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: QTUM
    Symbol: QTUM

    Just like many other similar digital currencies active in the world of online gaming, Qtum is another fully decentralized, fully open-source and completely public blockchain technology-powered financial platform. As listed on the Qtum official website, this digital currency uses the greatest security of UTXO while it enables virtual machines such as the x86 VM and EVM among others.

    Qtum Online Casinos

    As previously mentioned, not many online gaming venues out there accept Qtum at least not yet and the main reason behind this is that Qtum is a relatively young digital currency. When it comes to using it at online casinos which accept it, the process is quite straightforward. Players just need to create their Qtum wallets, purchase some coins, transfer their coins to an online venue which accepts Qtum and they can start gaming.

    Casinos for You


    Qtum is a massive global project which aims to become the bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin, as well as the bridge between the blockchain and the real world. The currency is fully PoS-powered as it boasts a DGP or Decentralized Governance Protocol which allows certain blockchain features to be easily modified with smart contacts. When it comes to Qtum and online gaming, the list of online casinos accepting Qtum is not huge, but it is growing.


    What is Qtum?

    Qtum based on the popular UTXO model which is used by Bitcoin is a fully decentralized, open-source blockchain technology-powered platform that guarantees anonymous, untraceable transactions.

    How can I purchase Qtum Coins?

    Qtum Coins can be purchased on many different digital currency exchanges such as CoinMarketCap once you have your Qtum wallet set up.

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