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    Name: Russian Ruble
    Type: Currency
    Code: RUB

    The Russian ruble (Sign:₽. and Code: RUB) is the currency of Russia. On this page you can find a list of online casinos that accept Russian ruble as a deposit or withdrawal method.

    Russian Ruble Online Casinos

    The Russian market is insufficiently regulated but this doesn't prevent local players from playing their favorite games over the Internet. Depending on the countries where the casinos accepting Russians are headquartered, local players can gamble in Euros, US dollars or other mainstream currencies. Only a handful of them will allow players to deposit and wager in Russian Ruble.

    Casinos for You


    Russian players are inclined to gamble in their own currency whenever possible, even though not all casinos accepting them present this possibility. Many have the website translated Russian and the very best offer customer support in this language. In order to create a user-friendly gambling environment, some chose to introduce the Russian Ruble among other currencies. This renders the need of performing any conversions useless, so players can use e-wallet, credit cards and bank transfers.

    On the off chance that your casino of choice doesn’t allow players to deposit and withdraw profits in Russian Rubles, paying tiny fees can be inevitable. These vary based on the exchange rate, but players can still mitigate the costs by choosing the most effective banking options. The casinos we recommend are straightforward and very transparent when it comes to transfer fees. Ideally, players should cut down on these fees as much as possible and only pay the foreign exchange commission.


    Are there many online casinos accepting the Russian Ruble?

    Its Western neighbors enjoy better access to European casinos, but Russia is not a very popular country with these operators. Even those who accept players from Russia don’t necessarily allow customers from this nation to use their currency for deposits. Russian Ruble casinos are not a rarity, but definitely not as common as local players would’ve liked.

    How can I play at a Russian Ruble casino if I don't use Russian Rubles?

    As long as the website is translated in Russian or at least customer support is available in this language, Russian players won’t have any problem in signing up. The registration process is the same and players are only asked to choose their currency when making their first deposit.

    Are there any advantages to playing at Russian Ruble online casinos?

    The less money spent on fees and foreign exchange commission, the more money is left for actual gambling. The advantage of playing at Russian Ruble online casinos is that you transfer all the funds you have to your online account without losing a dime.

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