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    Name: VeChain
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Code: VET
    Symbol: VET

    VeChain since its inception not so long ago has become one of the leading, most popular digital currencies in the world that is used by many online gamers for playing at online casinos.

    VeChain Online Casinos

    As the vast majority of other popular cryptocurrencies around, VeChain is also a blockchain platform-based digital currency that was carefully designed to enhance business processes and supply chain payment management. As listed on the official website of the currency, the main goal of VeChain is to streamline all business payment processes alongside valuable information through the use of its DLT or distributed ledger technology.

    Casinos for You


    Today, the VeChain digital currency has two tokens including its VeChainThor Energy or VTHO and its standard VET or VeChain Token. The first one mentioned is used to transfer value across the growing VeChain payment network while the second one is used as a gas or energy for powering transactions. The digital currency is mainly used for a variety of business processes, while at the same time there are many online casinos which allow its customers to use VeChain for gaming at their platforms. Some of these venues are listed here.

    VeChain was founded back in 2015 by former CEO of the Louis Vuitton China company, Sunny Lu. To use this digital currency payment service for online casino gaming, players need to get their VeChainThor Wallet for iOS or Android devices. Once they have downloaded and installed the wallet, they fund it via a number of digital currencies exchanges and they are ready to play at VeChain online casinos.


    What is VeChain?

    VeChain is a carefully designed, blockchain platform-powered digital currency which enhances business processes and streamlines information flow through the use of its DLT or distributed ledger technology.

    Where can I find online casinos supporting VeChain?

    Not many online casinos support VeChain, but there are still some great options including the online casinos listed here. 

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