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    Game Overview

    Fixed odds games are not unlike many other casino games you've experienced while playing at a land-based casino or online. Simply put, these games of chance give you fixed odds on every bet you place. While some punters enjoy the changes that come with every bet having the opportunity of a different outcome, fixed odds games are straightforward.

    Casino games such as online slots, roulette and craps are most often fixed odds games, and how they are played depends on the game you choose. With varying histories, strategies, and possible outcomes, fixed odds games are more about your peace of mind than anything else.

    Games with fixed odds have been around for many years, as some players prefer the comfort of knowing what the chances of winning can be with every bet. Many slot machines at brick-and-mortar casinos across Britain are referred to as Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (or FOBTs).

    These machines, as with every fixed odds game, give you the same odds of winning - no matter the bet placed, the game's context, or the gaming session's length. It's all up to the game you choose if you have Lady Luck on your side.


    If you’re ready to start playing fixed odds games, you should know as much as possible before you begin. As we’ve already mentioned, all fixed odds games are different, but here are a few rules for understanding what you’re playing before you do so.

    How to identify a fixed odds game

    Identifying a fixed odds game (without being told outright) is almost impossible. However, if you see that the previous game round doesn't affect the next hand played or that the jackpot doesn't change with each bet, you're on the right path. Games such as roulette, craps and slots (that aren't progressive jackpot slots) are a good place to start.

    Learn about the casino’s payout odds

    Before you play at an online casino that offers fixed odds games, learn about the odds of payout at the casino itself. This may affect the games they offer or how they payout wins. Always research and learn more about everything an online casino offers before you sign up.

    How to calculate the fixed odds on a game

    Depending on the game you choose, this will change. The standard rule for roulette games is that the odds are calculated at 35 to 1 on a single-number bet. If you select a craps game, this should be 4 to 1. Study any new games you play and learn about their payout odds.


    When playing fixed odds games, the strategies can vary based on the game you choose. However, you can use a few general techniques to ensure you have the best and safest gaming session possible.

    1. Choose a safe online casino: Always make sure that the casino you're visiting can be trusted. Look out for recommended online casinos with valid licensing and the best reputations.
    2. Set a smart budget: It doesn't matter which fixed odds game you choose; doing so with a budget is the smartest way to play. By sticking to a budget, you'll be a responsible gambler with your eye on the prize: having fun.
    3. Read casino game reviews: It may be tempting to dive into a new fixed odds game without learning more, but a good strategy is always to understand a new game before you play. Learn about the betting structure, the theme, the bonus games, and anything that could affect your gameplay.


    If you’re just getting started with fixed odds games at online casinos, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your betting experience.

    Learn more before you play

    While most fixed odds games are familiar and come in the form of online slots or roulette, there are those may be very different to what you’re used to. Find out more about the game before you start betting.

    Take note of the online casino

    Fixed odds games are meticulously designed to ensure that every bet or spin has set odds that can’t be shifted by how the game is played. While this may put your mind at ease, it’s important to always play at a trusted online casino to ensure that your outcomes are fair and as rewarding as they should be.

    Choose games wisely

    If you're comfortable playing online slots with fixed odds, don't simply jump to an unknown game. Parlour games can be very different in how they function and how betting works. Choose wisely and stick to games you're both comfortable betting on and enjoy.

    Don’t ignore virtual sports

    You may not be a sports betting fan, but virtual sports can be a different experience. Many virtual racing games have fixed odds and can change how you look at sports betting in the future. These games of chance are perfect for experiencing the best of both worlds when it comes to betting options.

    Fixed Odds Games Types

    Fixed odds games come in many different shapes and variations. Whether you choose free fixed odds games, real money fixed odds, live games with fixed odds, or classic games that offer fixed odds, you’ll find many to enjoy. Use our filters to find out more about the following games.


    As one of the most popular games in the world, most versions of roulette offer fixed odds based on the bets you place with every spin of the wheel. Start with lower stakes to get comfortable with how the game functions as you progress. Again, lower bets will not affect your odds of winning.

    Safari Race

    Cute and quirky, this BP Games creation features animals that race to determine your chances of winning. Place your bet and enjoy fixed odds as they race to reward you. The animal you choose will determine the outcome of your bet.

    Heads and Tails

    The coin toss is the most basic example of a fixed odds game, and this BGaming creation is the perfect way to experience that online. Bet on heads or tails and wait for the outcome - simple entertainment at its finest.

    Boom City Pragmatic Play

    Step into a futuristic city with Pragmatic Play and this fun live dealer game. Boom City has fixed odds and the chance to bet on different outcomes. Each outcome has fixed odds, and different dice rolls will help you become a winner.

    Scratch Dice

    Scratch Dice by BGaming is fun to play and very simple to learn. All you need to do is scratch the ticket and spot the dice. If the faces of the dice showing are a match, you win. Place your bet and let luck decide your fate.


    What are fixed odds games?

    Fixed odds casino games pay out the same odds to every player on every bet and under every circumstance. The odds are set in place and will not shift based on how much you bet.

    When playing a fixed odds game, you know that the odds remain the same. No matter how much you bet or how long you play, you’ll receive a steady payout without the chance of your odds spiking or falling. It’s entirely about preference.

    Since multiple people play live poker to win a growing pot that always varies, fixed odds are impossible. Based on the different hands played by punters at the table, the odds shift continuously.

    Craps, roulette and online slots are popular forms of fixed odds games. Some games have been specifically designed as fixed odds games and fall into their own category - such as Swipe games. Dice games, coin flips, and virtual sports games can also have set odds. These are often referred to as parlour games.

    Unless stated outright, it might not be easy to spot a fixed odds game. However, if you can tell whether or not the previous round will affect the odds of winning the next bet or if the payout is shared in any way, this should help you spot a fixed odds game.

    With so many games having the potential to be fixed odds games, it may be tough to know where to start. Online slots and roulette are the most popular choices when playing online.

    No, this is why they are so popular. Fixed odds are fixed for a reason, and they will remain that way throughout all bets.

    No, if a game has a jackpot that changes over time (such as a progressive jackpot slot), it is not considered a fixed odds game.

    Yes! Fixed odds games are designed by various software providers and can easily be enjoyed in many different settings. Play on your desktop or via your mobile for maximum fun.

    No, when playing fixed odds games, nothing can impact the chance of winning besides luck. The odds will remain the same no matter how much you bet or how long you play.

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