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  • Vikings built their cities and states in Northern Europe, on the territory of modern Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Vikings were very skillful sailors, some historians even say they reached the American shores long before Columbus. Vikings were also very brave and fought valiantly in battles.

    The fierce northern warriors who used to plunder and burn villages along the costs of all European countries have long been a part of legends and tales that were told with fear and respect by people worldwide.

    According to legends, Vikings were nearly unbeatable in close combat, often defeating largely greater armies and their naval power used to be unparalleled as their fast ships ruled the seas and invoked incredible fear in all their enemies.

    If you have grown fond of these legends or have fallen in love with them after watching the popular TV show, than Vikings themed Online Slots will give you even more thrill as they offer you a part of the Vikings’ plunder on top of all the fascinating graphics and gameplay experience you can have.

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