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    Florida is a popular home and holiday destination for people who enjoy the sunshine, surf and the ocean. For those who find the great outdoors a bit too much, they can enjoy a respite in one of many casinos, poker rooms and racetracks where they can place their bets and take a chance with Lady Luck.

    As one of the more liberal states, Florida offers something for everyone, and you don't have to look very far to find fun and entertainment whether you live there all year round or are just visiting while on vacation. The state provides extensive opportunities for gambling and rakes in record-breaking revenues like the $569,000,000 generated in 2018.

    Ever since The Great Depression, attempts to expand on gambling referendums have failed several times before the bill to allow the Florida Lottery was passed in 1986. And despite the poker referendum only being passed, initially in one county, before being embraced by many in 1994, the state of Florida has become known as one of the healthiest poker markets in the world.

    Aside from over 30 Florida casinos, there are also Native American casinos and poker rooms where you can play slots, table card games and electronic games. Outside of this, you can also enjoy horse racing and place bets off-track online. Placing bets on greyhound racing was also enjoyed by many over many years, however, since it was banned in 2018, all eleven tracks will be shut down by the end of 2020.

    Since betting on Jai Alai games is still legal in Florida, it is a popular choice due to its style of scoring and player rotation as it makes it ideal for pari-mutuel betting, like you would in horse racing.

    Florida is the one state that went out of their way to keep the exciting game that often brought in thousands of spectators each night, alive. This is why casinos are allowed to have various other forms of gambling, like horse racing simulcasts and poker, as long as they also offer Jai Alai.

    There is something for everyone in Florida and you can be sure that you won't be bored with all the options on offer.


    Florida laws related to Pari-Mutuel wagering are extensive and detailed. All the details are available to read through in Chapter 550 of the Florida Statutes.

    Rules relating to pari-mutuel wagering are found in 61D in the Florida Administrative Code. Laws relating to gambling and oversight of card rooms can be found in Chapter 849 which is found in the Florida Statutes.

    With racing approved by the state legislature by just one vote in 1931, Bingo in 1970, the Lottery in 1986, Poker in 1994 and Casinos in 2004, Florida has seen an expansion in the gambling market over the last few years.

    While horse racing is still considered to be the only legal form of online gambling available in the state, the government is not currently actively pursuing gamblers who make use of online casinos in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

    When Florida legalized charity games of chance and bingo, no minimum age was stipulated, however, establishments where these games are played usually insist on their own minimum age requirements.

    While most establishments are restricted to a maximum bingo prize pool of $100, the Seminole tribe, who are considered to be a non-profit organization decided that this ruling didn't apply to them, and opened high-stakes bingo games. Despite being challenged by the Attorney General, and the case made it to the US Supreme Court, the tribe won and this paved the way to more tribal bingo halls opening in the state of Florida.

    Even though poker was first approved in Broward County and later throughout the state, it took almost another decade for casinos to be legalized on Seminole land. While Florida casinos are allowed to offer video poker, electronic table games and slots, tribal casinos can also offer house-banked table games.

    To date, daily fantasy sports betting is illegal in Florida, but this doesn't stop the sites from ignoring the opinion of the Attorney General and continuing to operate anyway. In the meantime, a federal grand jury continues to investigate.

    For the moment, to stay on the right side of the law, it is best to make use of gambling facilities available within the state of Florida. With so many casinos, both land-based, on cruise ships and in tribal reservations, as well as poker and bingo halls available, in addition to the state lottery, there is plenty to choose from.


    Through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, it is possible to apply for specific pari-mutuel licences or combinations thereof. Pari-Mutuel, which is French for “between ourselves” implies that the holder of the licence is simply a conduit between the person placing the bet and the vehicle for payouts after the results of the bet have been finalised.

    Whether you plan to manage betting in the racing, card rooms, slots categories, or a combination of all three, this executive branch of the Florida government will be able to assist you in making sure you get the right paperwork in place before you start.

    Therefore, if you plan to work as a dealer in Florida, each potential employee must meet the prerequisites imposed by Pari-Mutuel Wagering (PMW) before getting a job at any casino. The same applies if you want to work as a poker dealer in Florida, you must first acquire the appropriate occupational license from the Division of PMW.

    For a Slot Machine/Pari-Mutuel/Cardroom Combo Professional License for an individual application, the license fee is $50 for a one-year license or $100 for a three-year license

    In terms of costs for a Slot Machine/Pari-Mutuel/Cardroom Combo Professional License for a business, you're looking at a license fee of $1,000 for a one-year license or $2,000 for a three-year license.

    It is required that you fill out the application form in its entirety as the Division of PMW will not process an application that is missing any of the required information. You will need to disclose any convictions for criminal offences and provide your fingerprints for the PMW Division to conduct a background investigation through the FBI. Fingerprints will need to be processed at any local law enforcement office and separate processing fees may apply, depending on the jurisdiction.

    Remember to have your application properly notarized, or sign it in the presence of a PMW official.

    When it comes to holding raffles as a form or non-profit fundraising, the Internal Revenue Service needs to recognize that your organization has federal 501(c)(3) status.

    Florida statutes prohibit requiring payment for raffle tickets. Which means that an individual can participate and win without spending any money.

    The organization can suggest individuals contribute a donation when receiving a ticket, for example, you can state that donations of $10 per ticket are suggested, but not required.


    Is gambling legal in Florida?

    Yes, both gambling and casinos are legal in Florida.

    What is the minimum gambling age in Florida?

    You need to be 18 years old to play lottery and bingo, and 21 for racing and to play at casinos.

    Is online gambling legal in Florida?

    The only online gambling option that is legal in Florida is off-track betting on horses.

    Is poker legal in Florida?

    Yes. You can play live poker at Tracks and Seminole casinos.

    Why can't I play slots in Florida but I can in Broward and Dade Counties?

    Voters approved those casinos in separate referendums.
    Is there a bet limit in Florida?


    When did Florida drop poker bet limits?

    July 1, 2010. This opened up an extensive market, and Florida has quickly become a great place to play poker.
    Is daily fantasy sports legal in Florida?

    No, but the daily fantasy sites are in the process of a dispute.

    Is racing legal in Florida?

    Tracks offer horse racing. While greyhound racing tracks still exist, they all need to be phased out by the end of 2020.

    Is Jai Alai legal in Florida?


    Casinos and Gambling Facilities in Florida

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