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    Betsoft Gaming online casinos offer players a chance to enjoy amazing 3D slots unlike anything else in the market. The company has devoted itself to developing high-quality slots, which stand out in terms of graphics, interesting storylines, and exciting features.

    About Betsoft Gaming

    In any industry there are the stalwarts, the founding members, whose time in the trenches is revered. Then there are the upstarts, the younger generation, the disruptors – and it’s in this group that you will find the Betsoft gaming group.

    Far from being a shrinking violet, a wallflower waiting to be asked to dance, Betsoft wear their status as New Kids on the Block with pride, knowing that the industry will be impressed with them not for what they have done, but for what they are doing!

    When it comes to their intention as a business they pull no punches, their About Us saying that they are focused on “driving customer acquisition and improving user engagement”. While this is great for their business partners it is even better for their customers as you can expect quality gaming experiences with fun features and amazing graphics, not to mention some attractive jackpot options.

    In particular Betsoft honed in on the realisation that users weren’t going to be happy with powerful yet less than elegant pc based installed casinos, and had their ears open to the death knell of Adobe’s Flash software. This proactive stance on both player satisfaction and technological advancements set the tone for Betsoft’s key strength in a very competitive marketplace – mobile gambling innovation!


    Carving Out Their Own Niche

    Being a new face in 2006 allowed Betsoft to bypass much of the steep learning curve that their predecessors like Playtech or Microgaming had had to overcome. In very real sense they got to stand on the shoulders of giants as they determined what they would bring to the online and mobile casino landscape that would catch the eye of players already embedded at other brands.

    Their first point of differentiation would be to do what we’re all told not to do – they would reinvent the wheel. Looking at the same old slot machines available online they tried and succeeded at something new. In 2010 Betsoft launched their very first Slots3 game.

    Slots3 would fast become Betsoft’s unique selling point, in a world of two dimensional slots with shading and Photoshop gimmicks used to trick the eye into believing in a sense of depth and movements they delivered the real deal.

    The next decade would see Betsoft go from ‘trying something new’ to establishing themselves as a leader in rich cinematically charged 3D online gambling. The use of ‘online gambling’ and not ‘online slots’ was not accidental. Building rapidly on the success of their early 3D online slots Betsoft pioneered this cinematic 3D niche and developed a virtual race book, heads-up poker games, interactive scratch cards, a veritable stable of video poker machines and more table games than you could shake a stick at.


    Always Shifting Gears

    Thankfully one of the biggest challenges facing Betsoft aligned with a very real demand from their core audience – mobile was a hot ticket item and players demanded the freedom to gamble on the go!

    One thing that stifles many successful gaming companies is success – when you have a successful product launch it is not easy to convince the Bean Counters that it is necessary to spend your budget on innovate yet pricy development. Yet Betsoft had the power of industry analysis to support their research and development drive into mobile and in 2011, less than a year after the successful launch of Slots3, Betsoft launched their shiny new mobile casino games platform ToGo!

    At this point Betsoft had set itself apart as a leader in casino game development and marrying this to a versatile, user-friendly, mobile platform made them a force to be reckoned. While their competitors were still deciding if mobile was worth doing the ToGo platform was fast becoming a favourite hangout for slot and table game lovers alike, who wanted to indulge in gorgeous 3D betting wherever they found themselves.

    To their credit Betsoft didn’t see the launch of their mobile platform as a one-and-done, they have kept their finger on the pulse of mobile technology and development over the past few years and ToGo is still being regularly updated with the latest games, slick new features, touch screen innovation and enhanced gameplay!

    A key decision by Betsoft was to extricate their game development from the slowly fading Adobe Flash. 2010 saw Steve Jobs pen an open letter outlining why Adobe Flash would not be used in their products – this simple announcement heralded the beginning of the end for the software package which even today powers many legacy browser based online casino games.

    A Decade Later: Adobe announced that Flash will finally be fully discontinued by 2020. This lengthy untangling period speaks volumes of how deeply and intrinsically integrated it is into the online world. Well done Steve for having the courage to pursue a better solution, rather than simply settling for what already is!

    Finally happy with their ability to produce quality casino gaming through Html5 Betsoft kicked things into high gear with the 2016 announcement of their latest development the Shift Platform.

    The launch of Shift shows how vigilant Betsoft is when it comes to the ebb and flow of technology and the needs of their customers.

    On the creation of the Shift Platform seems fairly unimportant. After all it is a fully Html5 next generation gambling platform specifically targeting in-browser play. It stands to reason that this will therefore have the greatest impact on desktop gamblers who will no longer need to download and install casino software – to date a rather limiting factor for most gamblers.

    However the ability to now gamble wherever they have an internet connection and a browser, and the fact that due to Shift being self-contained it no longer relies on the less secure 3rd party plugins omits one other interesting fact. With the invention of tablets and large screen mobile devices mobile users are also inclined to not install gambling apps but simply login into their favourite casino via their mobile browser to have a flutter.

    The launch of Shift was just another way in which Betsoft tipped the hat to their customers, giving them what they asked for: fast, secure, accessible, casino entertainment any way you prefer it!

    Playing at a Betsoft casino today means you have the choice of nearly 200 games available to you in-browser on your Mac or PC via Html5, your Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet and even on our Windows Phone.


    Slow Internet? No Problem!

    With the insane speed at which computing power and internet speed has evolved over the past few decades it seems untenable that there are places in the world where something as simple as a stable, let alone speedy, internet connection is merely a dream.

    Literal Dark Ages! A POS software vendor saw success in Northern Africa by allowing gas pump transactions to be stored in the offline memory of their system. It would automatically feed the information through as soon as an online connection was available. The reason? The internet for the area the gas station was located in would automatically switch off at night!

    Betsoft has put their best foot forward in developing the Vault system. With most of Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand catered for it is clear that the future expansion of the online gambling sector will have to look to regions such as India, Africa and others where there is a love for gambling, the means to afford it but they are hampered by regional bandwidth and exorbitant mobile data costs.

    In essence the Vault takes a more traditional pc or console gaming approach by having the customer download and install software that allows much of the gameplay to take place on the device as a native application rather than relying on large data files to be sent back and forth online for simply get win and loss results.

    This way once a casino game is available to be played on a players laptop or pc very little data is required to allow them to fully enjoy Betsoft’s cinematic 3D slots and their plethora of other casino titles.


    Global Vision

    There is no growth and sustainability for any business if you don’t have an eye on new markets and understand the requirements for success in those markets.

    With the upheaval caused by the USA’s implementation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006, and the subsequent legislation of core markets such as the UK and Australia it became clear that the gambling Wild West was drawing to a close and we were entering a more mature, regulated phase of existence.

    Betsoft has ensured it is position to offer gambling services globally for the foreseeable future by acquiring licences from trusted authorities.

    Here are 4 of the regional licences held by Betsoft:

    1. Class 4 license - the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

    2. eGaming license (all forms of interactive eGaming) - Curaçao eGaming

    3. Content distribution licence – Italy (AAMS)

    4. Content distribution licence – Denmark (Danish Gambling Authority)


    Bitcoin Welcome Here

    As one a very select group of gambling software providers who still allow access to their online casino games from the United States it should come as no surprise that they are also one of the early adopters of crypto currency as a means of funding casino accounts.

    Not Illegal Just Difficult! The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) did not make online gambling illegal, rather it made it illegal for banks to process gambling transactions. Clearly not something decentralised crypto currencies care about.

    In particular Betsoft has focused on accepting Bitcoin as a deposit method due its longevity and market presence, whether or not they will accept other crypto currencies in future is yet to be seen.


    We the People Thank You

    Given the incredible name Betsoft has made for itself since its inception it comes as no surprise that the gaming software provider and its brands are no strangers to being nominated for, shortlisted for and in some instances dominating certain categories in the industry award circuit!

    Here are 5 of the many industry awards Betsoft either won or was nominated for:

    1. Best Gaming Provider Award (Login Casino Awards)

    2. Best Mobile Provider Award (EGR Italy Awards)

    3. Best Casino Provider Award (EGR Italy Awards)

    4. Best Mobile Solution Award (Asia Gaming Award)

    5. Casino Content Supplier Award shortlist (EGR Nordics Gaming Awards)

    In addition to their own awards a Betsoft-Powered casino when on to be awarded with the prestigious “Operator of the Year” at the 207 Industry Gaming Awards – for the second year in a row!

    A Skeleton in the Closet: In stark contrast to their history of customer excellence in 2016 Betsoft reportedly refused to honour the winnings of a progressive jackpot despite proof that the win was valid. Betsoft is yet to honour the jackpot!


    Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

    It is always useful to be armed with as much information as possible when making a decision on where to spend your hard earned money. As such we recommend the following these two simple guidelines:

    1. Check out the GamblersPick Community reviews. These rubber meets the road reviews by players just like you are useful in deciding who to trust and who to avoid!

    2. Keep an eye out our GamblersPick GamblersPick Select badge. Only the casinos who meet our exacting standards will be awarded this badge as a way to help guide our community to quality casinos.

    By combining the GamblersPick GamblersPick Select badge, community feedback and your own preferences we trust you will find the casino you’re looking for! When you do why not join the GamblersPick Community yourself and share your experiences with others?

    Casinos using Betsoft Gaming

    The number of Betsoft Gaming online casinos increases with every passing day, as more and more operators recognize the potential their games bring about. With slots that really stand out from the rest thanks to their visual qualities and clever, engaging storylines, casinos featuring Betsoft Gaming titles have no problems attracting players from all over the world.


    Social Games
    Social Games


    Over the years, Betsoft has developed many casino products, and they haven’t limited their activity to producing just games. However, their 3D slots were what gave them visibility in the industry, earning them respect of their peers and online casino operators.

    This is particularly true for their Slots3 series, which really put forth the creativity and capabilities of the entire Betsoft Gaming team. In these slots, they implemented vivid, cinematic 3D animations and colorful graphics, creating a truly engaging gaming experience.

    Some of the best-know titles by Betsoft include slots like Who Spun It, The Slotfather and The Slotfather II, Greedy Goblins, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Alkemor’s Tower, Gold Diggers, Rook’s Revenge, Safari Sam, and The Angler.

    Apart from slots, the company has also developed a number of classic casino game variations such as rouletee, blackjack, Pai Gow, baccarat, Caribbean Poker, Oasis Poker, etc.

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    100% up to $300 on your first deposit

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