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    Virtual Reality


    Progressive Jackpot
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    Aliens, one of NetEnt’s more recent creations, is a video slot with superb graphics and immersive gameplay features that will take players to another world, with real-time 3D animations of a fantastic environment full of action and excitement.

    Aliens is more than just a 5-reel slot with 15 fixed paylines. The game combines the best of slots and video games to bring the eponymous aliens to life and give players the opportunity to fight them and win great prizes.

    Graphics & Theme

    The Aliens slot was created in cooperation with 20th Century Fox, and is based on the renowned movie, so you can expect amazing visuals, with stunning 3D animations, and an interface like no other, where the aliens literally come to life in a dark atmosphere. Everything is accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack that perfectly sets the tone for an action-packed adventure and a memorable gaming experience. Overall, Aliens looks and feels more like an arcade game then a slot.


    The game’s wild symbol is the Weyland-Yutani Corporation’s logo. The game has several bonus features that come in three different levels. On the first level of the game, players have to activate it by landing winning combos with numerous symbols to fill up the multiplier meter found above the reels.

    On the second level, players get to be a marine that encounters and kills aliens while passing dark hallways. Each spin awards a win, and after each spin the marine will shoot the aliens. In order to get ammo and stay alive, the player needs to collect from other marines before the multiplier meter is full. If the marine makes it to the end, he reaches the alien hive.

    On Level 3, the marine encounters two horizontal reels, with a reel for grenade strength and a grenade multiplier. The player gets five Free Spins and during each spin the marine will throw a grenade at the hive. The better the combination of multiplier and grenade strength, the more damage the hive suffers. If the marine runs out of ammo, the game is over.

    Aliens is definitely not your ordinary video slot as it introduced plenty of arcade elements in the gameplay. This game is definitely worth playing, especially with the lights out and volume up – if you aren’t too afraid, that is.

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    Great visual and animations, that's bring me the special gaming experience. Nice work!

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    the game is divided into 3 stages with the first being Level 1: The Search. Here, you scan infested premises for Alien activity and collect symbols (each with their own multiplier value) to add to the Alien Activity Meter. This has 9 steps of which you need to obtain the maximum amount to move on to Level 2: The Encounter.

    Level 2: The Encounter begins with a bang as a symbol overlay will guarantee you a win on the very first spin. The aim in this level is to survive the onslaught of Alien attacks so you can reach the Queen Hive. The multipliers you collected in Level 1 are transferred to this level and applied to wins on the symbols shown. You can get up to a 6x multiplier on 3 symbols in a spin for big wins.

    Look out for the Ammo Clip Reel as this contains Ammo symbols. If they appear on the centre position of the reel it will increase the Ammo Clip Counter activating re-spins. The Ammo Clip Counter goes down by 1 after ever spin (this is after shooting the Aliens).

    Then you will move on the Level 3: The Hive with 5 re-spins awarded. This is where the Queen Hive can be destroyed. Each step you complete on the Hive Health Meter gives you a cash prize with 240 times your stake awarded if you kill the Queen and the Hive is destroyed. The damage caused to the Queen is caused at random with the grenade strength combined with the multiplier being the factor. Look out for multiplier on the centre position of the multiplier reel as this can multiply the damage up to 10x.

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    This NetEnt game has exceptional graphics and animations with a first-person view. It has 5 rails, 3 rows and with 15 fixed payment lines. The Wild symbol accumulates winning combinations and free spins.

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    This game is just great. Throughout the first level base play, you acquire small to medium wins which are fairly often thus you don’t wager a lot of your bankroll. It is a 15 pay line slot, however, I always play it on upper gambles up to 1.5 euros. Halfway across the second level you by now have a victory of 20-30 x bet. If you get to the last level you would have a gain of 50-70 x bet. Ending the last level warranties you a win or as a minimum 200 x bet. This game provides value for money and I commend everybody to try it.

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