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    Hundreds of titles and millions of players have made Playtech casino games household names in the industry. Learn how you can join this growing group and where you can play some of the finest Online Slots in the world.

    When it comes to gambling online, Playtech is easily one of the best-known names in the industry. Whether we are talking about online casinos, poker, or other forms of gambling, this giant company is a major part of them all.

    About Playtech

    The world of online casino gambling is certainly a tale of diversity like none other. Microgaming while now based on The Isle of Mann has its roots in South Africa, the mobile casinos and slots innovation giant NetEnt was founded in Sweden, and one of the grandfathers of the industry Playtech was found way back in 1999 in Estonia second largest city, Tartu!

    Big Brains Live Here! Tartu is considered the intellectual capital of Estonia. It is home to the prestigious University of Tartu which was founded in the 1700’s and is still enlightening minds, young and old, today!

    Playtech soon made a name for itself on two fronts, to the players it became known as an excellent casino games provider, in particular its suite of table games was held in high regard. From a business perspective the Playtech backend systems were considered some of the best providing live views of customer gameplay and activities such as deposits, wagers and gameplay.

    Playtech was founded by a team of software engineers, land based casino entrepreneurs and experts from various multimedia industries. This broad scope of expertise is the success, the secret sauce you could say, behind the company’s ability to effectively support both of its clients; the businesses who launched their casinos on their platform and the players who signed up at these online casinos.

    Not many players would consider this an important aspect of selecting an online or mobile casino to play with, however the more stable the supporting company behind the gambling destination you choose the better your chances of being treated fairly, having your deposits and withdrawals honoured and the longer you can expect to be able to enough that lucky game or brand.

    Setting Down Roots

    With a clear vision for the future - which included multi-channel gambling and betting developments including sports betting, online bingo, online poker and even forex – Playtech management took the first step to securing the longevity of the company by listing on the London Stock Exchange Main Market in 2006.

    Going public led to a slew of company acquisitions, new staff hires (including setting Mor Weizer in place as CEO in 2002) and new initiatives within the greater Playtech business which would lay the ground work for Playtech’s long term success and market share growth.

    So Many Hats! Mor Weizer, Playtech CEO, is man who has worn many hats in his illustrious career. A qualified Account he also spent time as an Auditor at PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Product Manager at Oracle and a Systems Analyst at Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd. However it was his time as CEO for Techplay Marketing Ltd, a Playtech subsidiary, where he proved he was able to steer the big ship!”

    Buying Up the Neighbourhood

    Playtech’s quick growth strategy seems to be aligned with those of other large corporations such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, a “why build it when you can buy it” approach to expansion allowed them to grow quickly, avoid many early day pitfalls and in most cases be running profitably from day one as part of the sale agreement would be on an earn-out based agreement.

    Here are some of their more notable mobile development, gaming development and gambling acquisitions:

    • 2009 – Gaming Technology Solutions, game aggregator
    • 2010 – Virtue Fusion bingo platform
    • 2011 – Mobenga, mobile platform developer
    • 2011 – Ash Gaming, games development studio
    • 2013 – PokerStrategy.com, with its base of 7 million users ($49 million)
    • 2014 – Aristocrat Lotteries (€10.5 million)
    • 2015 – YoYo Games, a cross platform game development studio ($16.4 million)
    • 2016 – Quickspin, Swedish slots developer (€50 million)


    With its public listing and business minded approach to growth and development it should come as no surprise that Playtech boasts a staff compliment of over 5000 employees in the 17 offices across the globe.

    Consumer Protection

    Playtech recognises the position that this amount of growth and development puts them in, especially when it comes to the data of their customers, if you’re not secure you’re not trustworthy! Playtech have gone to great lengths to ensure that their servers are secure and that their player’s personal information is also thereby secured.

    • Safe from self-harm: Playtech abides by a strict self-exclusion policy and at any time a player may request to be excluded from gambling without fear of being marketed to prematurely. This cool down period is a great tool for new and old gamblers alike, use it as soon as you feel you’re chasing losses or jackpots to avoid disappointment.
    • Know Your Status: Playtech software offers players the Reality Check feature whereby your current win versus loss status is displayed to you in-game. This way you can see at a glance if it’s time to take a break for a while.
    • The clock is ticking: Find you’re someone who tends to do the “just one for game” thing? Playtech’s time limit feature is just for you. Set how long you want to gamble, and the software will let you know when your time is up.
    • Safe from within and without: Playtech ensures that all online casino data is protected by secure encrypted servers. They have also partnered with the behavioural analytics company, Featurespace, integrating their real-time, machine learning, technology with the aim of early identification of fraud attacks.


    Your Responsible Gambling Buddy! Playtech acquired BetBuddy in 2017 to utilise its behavioural identification software to help track problem gambling behaviours sooner, and offer assistance to players before they find themselves in real trouble. ”

    Playtech takes the issue of gambling addiction very seriously. They go so far to provide financial support and assist in promoting key initiatives which work endlessly to support those affected the loss and stress of gambling addiction. Some of these are:

    • GambleAware.org - an independent charity that funds research, education and treatment services related to gambling addiction
    • GordonMoody.org.uk - providing counselling and support to problem gamblers and their families
    • GamblingTherapy.org - a global online support service for those negatively affected by gambling
    • GamCare.org.uk - providers of resources, support and free counselling for problem gamblers and their loved ones


    Legitimate Global Player

    As we’ve seen with many other trustworthy online casino providers the push to secure their data, protect their customers and list on the stock exchange goes hand in hand with the acquisition of global licences from regulated territories. Focusing on unregulated markets is either for less than trustworthy suppliers, or is a sign that they don’t have the financial controls in place to honour the fees and player winnings as is mandated by regulators – both being red flags worth noting.

    Playtech boasts an impressive board of regulated partnership with over 140 licensees across 20 regulated jurisdictions world-wide!

    The most notable of these are:

    • 2008 – Playtech first Italian licensee agreement
    • 2009 – Playtech enters the Spanish market with Casino Grand Madrid deal
    • 2010 – Playtech launch in Finland with state operator
    • 2012 – Playtech expand into Mexico with Grupo Caliente agreement
    • 2014 – Playtech signs Holland Casino deal in light of Dutch regulations
    • 2014 – Playtech complies with Gambling Act 2014 to offer UK gambling services


    If there was any doubt about Playtech’s desire to stay ahead of the curve in terms of gambling regulation compliance then their decision to hire former UKGC senior manager Richard Bayliss (who had 11 years under his belt with the commission) as their Regulatory Compliance Manager for their Compliance division should put those thoughts to rest.

    Head of Regulatory Affairs at Playtech, Ian Ince, said of Mr Bayliss that he has “a wealth of experience with UKGC” and that his insights “will be a major bonus as we strive to stay at the forefront of regulatory compliance developments.”

    Trying Hard To Offer the Best Software

    Playtech is considered to offer some of the most attractive and lucrative online casino games on the market. Their casino software is loaded with every game type that your heart desires, they offer video slots, progressive slots, Asian games arcade games, a plethora of table games and of course Live Dealer games!

    One of their true stand out games, and a Playtech exclusive as far as we know, is their Progressive Jackpot Baccarat game! All you need to do to be in the running is play Progressive Baccarat at a Playtech casino and be sure to place the side bet related to the jackpot. If the progressive is won the prize pool is split amongst the players who placed the side bet at your table!

    It is no secret that while some of their competitors have tried carve out their individual niches in either slots development or in building the largest possible library of games Playtech has focused their energies on their vision of being the largest Multi-Channel gaming company! Central to this Multi-Channel vision is what you simply see them refer to as ‘Playtech One’.

    Playtech One while seemingly simple has an immeasurable impact on the ease and enjoyment of gambling at a Playtech powered online or mobile casino (with your choice of iOS app, Android app or HTML5 in-browser play).

    Playtech One ensures that as a Playtech customer you are guaranteed the same high quality, high fidelity gaming, regardless of what you’re playing or which device you’re playing it on. This means that Playtech is aiming to bring you same smooth gaming experience you have when playing a video slot on your home computer as when you are streaming a high definition Live Dealer blackjack game on your mobile device on the train.

    Added to your seamless gaming experience One also promises you that regardless of device, product and location you will be able to access one account and use one wallet for all deposits and withdrawals.

    This one person, one wallet motif is not limited to their casino offering, it encompasses all of their current products which includes: Live Games, Sports Betting, Bingo, Lottery, Poker, Virtual Games and even Retail!

    That is a seriously aggressive goal no matter who you are!

    Read Your T&C’s! Progressive Jackpots are 3rd party prize pools which do not affect an online casinos bottom line, yet a vast number of Playtech casinos have low monthly withdrawal payment limits which they apply to Progressive Winnings! A Playtech casino player found herself in the bitter-sweet position of winning a $4.1 million progressive jackpot but her monthly withdrawal limit of $9000 meant her cashout would take nearly 39 years to complete!

    With their commitment to risk prevention, data security and their ongoing advancements in terms of gambling technology Playtech has earned its position as one of the industry leaders. The only advice would be to closely review the Terms and Conditions of the individual casino brands using their platform – which to be honest is the recommendation with every casino you’re considering playing at!

    Take a look at our GamblersPick Community reviews, if anyone has had a particularly good or bad experience with any of Playtech’s online casinos they will share those stories there – taking 5 minutes to read a few reviews could be difference between walking away a winner, and feeling disgruntled with poor service.

    Casinos using Playtech

    As already mentioned many of the world’s finest casinos fall into the category of Playtech online casinos. This is because Playtech provides one of the finest and most complete portfolios of casino games and there is little reason for companies to look beyond Playtech once they establish their platform. Right here you can find the full list of the best Playtech online casinos.


    Social Games
    Social Games


    Playtech was one of the pioneers of the online casino industry back in the day, providing software for many of the most popular online casinos and other gambling companies for many years. To this day, many of the world’s best online casinos remain almost exclusively Playtech casinos and why should they not?!

    When it comes to the games themselves, Playtech pride themselves in providing a huge portfolio of slot titles, both classic and video, covering an incredible range of popular topics including movies, sports, pop culture, history and more. While their titles often share many of the same gameplay mechanics and options, Playtech slots also bring plenty of versatility and range to online slots players.

    Whenever we are talking about such a massive game provider such as Playtech, it is truly difficult to choose the best titles. Yet, there are some games that certainly made a bigger name for themselves over the years than others. Playtech’s Marvel series for instance, which includes the likes of The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2, provides a massive progressive jackpot that players get to chase after. 

    Beyond progressive games, titles such as Atlantis Queen, Baywatch, Funky Fruits, and White King all feature distinct mechanics and graphics of their own that make these titles stand out. Beyond hundreds of slots, players are also able to experience Playtech table games and other casino games at Playtech online casinos.

    New Games

    Game Types

    Top Bonuses

    Welcome Bonus


    100% up to $300 on your first deposit

    Progressive Jackpots

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