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    Online casinos that accept payments in cryptocurrencies have become much more common in recent years, with the trend expected to grow in 2018 and beyond.

    Crypto currency is still not sufficiently understood despite its big financial gains and fast growing appeal worldwide. While early adopters celebrate their decision to invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin, DASH, LiteCoin and other digital currencies, others are still struggling to learn the ropes. One sector that benefited greatly and directly from the surging popularity of the crypto currency is the online casinos. They were quick to understand and build on the advantages of privacy and security that the new currency provides to players.

    2016 has been a great year for online casinos that have added crypto currency deposits on the list of accepted payment methods. Even though the digital money was created back in 2009, the first Bitcoin casino opened its doors to international players many years later. Despite being late to the party, these gambling operators have benefited from the anonymous transactions and the absence of a middleman.

    Players were convinced by the privacy perks and the absence of commission charged by banks and other financial institutions. Some have made the transition to Bitcoin only casinos, while most chose to open accounts with hybrid operators. They enjoy access to the same promotions and games, so nothing was lost in the process. Furthermore, due to the open-source nature of the crypto currency, bitcoin casinos offer provably fair games, which guarantee a reasonable and transparent house edge.

    The Future Looks Bright for Cryptocurrency Online Casinos

    Even the skeptics are now inclined to agree that the crypto currency is here to stay and online casinos using it will thrive. Past performance suggests that 2018 will be even better for those who choose to open accounts at gambling operators using BTC. By offering smaller transaction fees and unmatched speeds for both deposits and withdrawals, Bitcoin online casinos meet the high expectations of modern players. The growing value of the main crypto currencies also opens the possibility of compounded winnings.

    Competition among these operators is on the rise, which ultimately benefits players who enjoy access to bigger bonuses and more promotions. Exclusive campaigns for those who choose to deposit and wager in crypto currency further enhance the appeal of digital money. Some online casinos are even ready to take their business a step further and contemplate the possibility of using new block chain technologies. The use of Ethereum can make gambling even faster, easier and just as secure for existing and new clients.


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