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    Learn the rules of poker, the world’s most popular casino game and apply your skills and your street smarts to win big at the poker tables.

    Young or old, rich or poor, male or female, it is likely that you have played a game of poker in your life. Whether you prefer to play against other players or against the dealer in the casino, poker is still poker and some rules remain the same in pretty much all the versions. 
    While there are many differences between different formats of the game of poker, things like card values, hand rankings and basic odds remain the same. On this page, we present you with some of the basic poker rules that you should know before you start playing the game. 

    Poker Hand Values and Rankings

    Poker is a game of many variations, but some things remain the same across them all. Poker hand rankings are one of those hands, so before you go on to play a hand of poker, learn them by heart. These are the hand rankings that stand in pretty much any game of poker:

    -    High Cards
    -    One Pair
    -    Two Pair
    -    Three of a Kind
    -    Straight
    -    Flush
    -    Full House
    -    Four of a Kind
    -    Straight Flush
    -    Royal Flush

    The hands above are ranked from lowest to highest in value. In casino poker games, you will get paid if you have a stronger poker hand than the dealer, or if the dealer does not qualify according to the game’s rules. What’s more, you will get awarded additional money for holding very strong poker hands, depending on the game you are playing, so make sure you know your paytable and go after the big prizes. 

    Finally, many casino poker games include a progressive jackpot on top of the regular payouts, which means that placing an additional bet and making a big poker hand will result in you winning a chunk out of the ever increasing prize pool that all players who play the game participate in. 

    If you understand all the rules of poker and are looking for some action, join the casino poker games at online casinos and put your poker skills and knowledge to good use as you beat the casino for their last dollar at the poker tables. 


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