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    Let the GamblersPick Jackpot Meter be your guide for which progressive jackpot is hot and which is not. Get the rundown on what everything means and how to use it.

    Chasing that one big, life-changing score is one of the biggest thrills online gambling has to offer. That's why we’ve taken time to not only gather nearly all progressive jackpot games there are in one place, but we’ve put our jackpot meter in place to help you decide what games you should be playing.

    The idea behind the jackpot meter is simple - to simplify the process of finding which jackpot is hot and which is, well, not! And there's even jackpots that are "in between". Below you'll find a more detailed explanation of the status for each jackpot.

    23_nodata.pngNot Enough Data

    We did not collect enough data yet about these jackpots in order to give you a proper evaluation of their temperature.



    23_freezing.pngFreezing, Don't Play

    This jackpot is so cold it's literally freezing - there's no point in spending your time playing it unless, of course, you really like the game. If you don't - check out warmer jackpots.



    23_cold.pngCold, Check Later

    Jackpots found in this category are usually the ones that have been won recently and we don’t expect them to come in soon again. While most progressive jackpots are triggered randomly, we base our judgment on the available statistical data and its telling us these aren’t scheduled to go off soon.


    23_warm.pngWarm, Check Back Soon

    These are progressive jackpots that are approaching the hit territory. All games in this category are not yet “hot,” but they are bound to become “hot” in a near future, so make sure to keep an eye out on them.


    23_hot.pngHot, Consider Playing

    Games found in this category are definitely worth playing if you’re chasing a jackpot. From the information we have available, these progressive jackpots have entered the hit territory and could be landing very soon.


    23_onfire.pngOn Fire, Play Now

    If you’re set on getting that life-changing score, progressive games from this category are your best bet. All of them are on a brink of awarding a jackpot and we expect to see someone walking away with a substantial amount to their name really soon. Play them now and it might well be you!


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