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    Start playing video slots in online casinos today and enjoy hundreds of titles and many hours of fun. Learn how to play slot games today.

    Slots are among the most common casino games both in live and online casinos, with a large majority of casino players turning to slots ahead of other games. This has a lot to do with the fact that slots are colourful, easy to understand and don’t really require too much skill to play.

    Still, if you are new to the game of slots, here are some instructions on how to play and give yourself the best winning chance while playing slots in online casinos.

    Variety and Gameplay

    Thanks to numerous casino software providers, players can enjoy hundreds if not thousands of different video slots online. Every slot has a theme of its own and certain gameplay features that it incorporates, but in general, most slots are played in the same way.

    When you first load up a slot in an online casino, you will be presented with some choices. You will get to choose how much money you want to bet per payline, and in some slots you will also be able to choose how many paylines you want to play. Video slots feature between a single payline and dozens of paylines, with some slots having as many as 1024 Ways to Win or ways of paying the player on every spin.

    Once you have chosen your bet size and are ready to start playing, simply press the spin button to make your first spin. If you want the computer to keep spinning for you, most video slots also include an auto spin feature which can spin for a certain number of spins or until stopped.

    Go for Broke or Keep Grinding

    Slots also differ in their payout potential greatly. While some slots offer many small payouts and low chances of ever hitting a huge score, other give players a realistic chance to win as much as 2.000x their initial bet, but at a cost of quickly drilling through the bankroll.

    When you are picking your slot, make sure you decide carefully between slots that have a great winning potential and those that will not eat up your bankroll too fast such as Penny Slots. Your ultimate decision will be whether you want to try to win the big money or just keep spinning for hours and having fun.


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