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    Name: Imagina Gaming
    Company: Casinova Software Ltd
    Founded: 2016
    Ownership: Private Company
    Headquarters: Sliema, Malta
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    Founded in 2016, Imagina Gaming is a casino games and software developer with headquarters in Malta. With a team of experienced professionals on board, the company is set to push boundaries and change the face of online gambling industry. Boldly defining themselves as innovators who ignore the rules, the folks behind Imagina Gaming are very passionate about their vision for the future of the iGaming industry.

    About Imagina Gaming

    One of the main guiding thoughts of Imagina Gaming is breaking trends and creating new, fresh, and innovative solutions for online gambling providers. With their gaming platform, the company strives to offer originality and a gaming experience tailored to particular needs of their customers.

    Breaking away from the standard aggregator approach, Imagina platform is designed to offer flexibility. With strong back office features, the company gives the operators an opportunity to create exciting and unique gaming experiences, fully tailored to the needs of their current and future business partners.

    Apart from their gaming platform, Imagina Gaming also features a versatile gaming portfolio with original titles that are quite different to what's usually offered to players. The company combines interesting gaming mechanics with nice designs and sound effects to create games that stand to appeal to the masses.

    Their unique API solution gives everyone a chance to be creative and envision their own games. While creativity is required, Imagina Gaming deals with everything else, including complex game mechanics and any regulation issues. Thus, those wanting to chance their hand at developing new gaming titles can do so using the modern development API, bypassing a lot of hassle that is usually involved in the game creation process.

    Understanding the modern trends, the company is focused on the mobile segment of the market as well. With portable devices such as phones and tablets being the likely future of the market, all Imagina products are developed using HTML5 technology and support a wide array of portable devices running on various operating systems.

    Casinos using Imagina Gaming

    The number of online casinos featuring Imagina Games titles is definitely on the rise. Some of their partners include big industry names such as SlotsMillion, Videoslots, and Betsson Group. Players looking to try their luck with these unique gaming titles from Imagina should look for them at one of these sites.

    By the looks of things, the company is nowhere near finished, so we’re likely to see many more casino operators starting to include Imagina Gaming titles into their portfolios. Thanks to the unique and different approach to their game development practices, these slots offer a nice breakaway from the usual trends and give players a chance to try something different.

    Imagina Gaming Games

    As mentioned, Imagina Gaming has a rather interesting portfolio of games. Although the number of titles developed by the company isn't that big in comparison to some other major stakeholders in the industry, their games are definitely worth of attention.

    Some of the most popular titles include Reel Bonus, Club Spinner, Random Roller, Maxiliner, High Strike, and Hold to Win. Unlike many of the modern-day video slots, games developed by Imagina usually come featuring just three reels instead of the more common five.

    Almost all of their gaming titles come equipped with a special Top Game feature, which offers another set of reels on top of the Base game, with a higher number of paylines and larger minimum bets.

    While their titles may not be that impressive at a first glance, it is the underlying gaming system and the game dynamics that more than make up for what may be lacking in a purely visual sense. As with everything else, Imagina Gaming takes a different approach with their titles, creating unique games that offer features not found elsewhere.

    More experienced players will probably recognize the inspiration for these games coming from pub-style fruit machines. Keeping some of these traditional elements and adding some of their own flavor, Imagina develops entertaining and engaging slot machines that don’t necessarily follow the market trends.

    Despite the fact their games feature a more traditional vibe, they’re still built using the latest technology and are fully compatible with all modern devices like phones and tablets. This way, Imagina Gaming creates an interesting cross between the old and the new, which is one of the reasons for their success in the usually highly competitive industry.

    Imagina Gaming Progressive Jackpots

    As of right now, there are no games from Imagina Gaming featuring progressive or any other type of jackpots (except for the in-game big wins). Whether the company will consider creating jackpot slots at some point in the future is a question that remains to be answered. Given the general popularity these types of games enjoy with the players and the fact Imagina slots could easily be adjusted to incorporate such features, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise.


    I’ve never heard of Imagina Gaming before, how come?

    Imagina Gaming is a relatively young company, having been launched in 2016. However, lately, they’ve been making a lot of progress, putting their name on the map.

    Where can I play Imagina Gaming slots?

    The number of online casinos featuring Imagina games isn’t very big at the moment but there are a few large operators (such as SLotsMIllion and Videoslots) that offer the full gaming portfolio from this developer. More casinos are likely to join the Imagina family moving forward.

    What are some of the most popular games from Imagina?

    At the moment, Imagina Gaming features only about a dozen slots in their portfolio, although that number is set to grow in the months and years to come. Some of the most popular titles from the developer at this point in time include Maxiliner, Hold to Win, and Club Spinner.

    Are all Imagina Gaming games classic slots?

    So far, the company has focused solely on creating classic-style slot with some interesting modern features. So, right now, all available games from Imagina fall into the classic slots’ group. Of course, this could change with some of their future releases.

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