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    440 Casinos Jurisdiction: Curacao Type: Offshore Founded: 1996


    online casinos are a place for entertainment, but with real money on the line, it is very important for players to feel safe and secure. This is why online casinos get external licensing from various competent jurisdictions that guarantee their fairness and safety. The Curacao Gambling Authority is one of the longest standing and most common bodies that regulate online casinos on a global level. 

    Online Casinos Licensed by Curacao eGaming

    Many of the biggest brands in the online casinos industry operate under the license of the Curacao Gambling Authority. The license guarantees that the casinos operate in a fair way and that players’ money and their personal information is safe and secure. Check out the table below for a list of the best Curacao licensed online casinos out there.

    About Curacao eGaming

    The online gambling industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, world-wide. Casinos operate from all over the globe, with the most concentrated contingent working from countries within the European Union. Gambling online has proved to be a very popular past-time and in the last ten years especially the industry has grown in leaps and bounds – in no small part due to the mobile casino market.

    While it would be ideal if everyone abided by sound financial principles and fair play the reality is that when large sums of money are involved people are not always their best selves. In such an environment, if ungoverned, the online gambling world would tempt those handling the cash to give in to these baser behaviours. Who would hold an operator accountable to honour winnings? Who would you go to get your money for you in cases of disputes? What processes could you follow to exact justice?

    Enter the heroes - the gambling regulatory authorities. Casinos are required to be licensed under regulators within their jurisdiction. These commissions are in place to govern practices and services offered to the public, to ensure fairness for all parties involved. Casinos unaffiliated with any licensing authorities should be deemed ‘Rogue Casinos’ and must be avoided at all costs.

    For the sake of this article, we will take a close look at anticipated casino practices offered from vendors operating from within the Curacao E-gaming jurisdiction.


    Curacao is a Caribbean island situated off the coast of Venezuela. It is a tropical vacation paradise destination that, until 2010, was known as the Netherlands Antilles. It remains a territory of the Netherlands even though it is considered a constituent country. As such, it falls within the European Union, even though it is situated far off from the European mainland.

    Seeing the opportunity to capitalise on a then very new industry, the Curacao E-gaming Licensing Authority was established in 1996, to govern and oversee practices of online casinos within the Curacao jurisdiction.

    Since inception, this gaming commission has licensed over 450 online casinos, servicing a wide reach of players from a wide girth of nations.


    As you can see, Curacao is a really popular destination for online casinos to operate from. Ever wonder what the attraction is? Well, here are a several of the draw cards that might lead online casino vendors to operate from this nation:

    1. E-Gaming plays a massive part in the economy of the country, therefore the government promote this business openly, making it very easy for operators to trade without much interference.

    2. Casino operators are drawn to the country because of its low tax levies. Curacao offers a special corporate tax of only 2% on net profit, with a 0% tax on gross incoming wagers. This tax offering is currently valid until 2026. This is one of the most reasonable tax levies available to casinos within the online sector.

    3.  Casinos enjoy relaxed mediation from Curacao E-gaming Licensing Authority, without stifling regulator interruption.

    4. It is relatively easy to obtain a license in this country. An extra bonus is that one license covers all forms of betting, which means that online casinos can also trade as sport betters.


    The Curacao E-gaming Licensing Authority market themselves as a stringent regulating authority, with a motivation for player protection. They pride themselves in ethical customer resolution practices.

    The Curacao E-gaming Licensing Authority promote that they are dedicated to maintaining fair practice and governance over online providers throughout their jurisdiction. They also promote many of the similar processes used by other regulators around the word, and require casinos to follow a few rules:

    • Licensed casinos must keep a full audit trail (paper) of each player that makes a deposit, including all of their personal details.
    • They are not allowed to accept wagers from the Netherlands Antilles.
    • Casinos must give independent third-party auditors full access to all gaming systems, including games software, back-end systems and logs.
    • Casinos must avoid all forms of unethical marketing and advertising.


    The above criteria may seem quite stringent at first glance, but this minimum requirement merely meets the mark of good and responsible online casino management.

    This licensing approach may not be as tight as some of the other regulatory bodies in the world today, and though intentions are good, there has been a history of unscrupulous operators presenting themselves from this side of the globe, even with regulation in place. But, there are still many great vendors from this jurisdiction. Read some the ‘Gamblers Pick’ reviews to find out how some of the gambling community have faired with Curacao casinos promoted by us.

    The official dispute resolution procedure consists of informing players that they must sort out any issue directly with the casino. This is always a good first option. Players should only be in contact with the gaming board after they have exhausted all options with the operator itself. Should this prove fruitless, then players may present their case before the Curacao E-Gaming Licensing board, presenting all of the necessary correspondence between player and casino, as well as a motivation for the case.


    Under the Curacao jurisdiction, the licensing processes may unwittingly allow for a few sub-par casinos to get onto the web a little easier than some other regulators do, but just because rogue casinos exist, does not mean that every casino under this regulation is a risk.

    To quote Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get” and sadly this is true of any casino regulator. But, a regulator license brand is better than no license at all, hence the limited safety offered by the E-Commission. It is for this very fact that you should make sure that you do your homework on reputable casino brands.

    So, in general, what can we expect from first class casinos under this jurisdiction?

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    Many Curacao online casinos support some of the safest and most efficient payment and withdrawal methods. Many of these, will support their own this party security to safeguard your personal data and money.

    Though there are many methods available to you, such as Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Instant Transfers, and Pre-paid Cards, we advise that if you are wanting to make use of a fast and reliable payments, then make good use of a third party E-Wallet, like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

    E-Speed: E-Wallets are virtual digital wallets that are usually linked to your credit card or bank account. They are extremely safe to use as they extend extra security encryption over and above your Bank’s SSL encryption. But speed is the most outstanding feature of e-wallets, as deposits and withdrawals can be done almost instantly.”


    Curacao gamers will be subject to exclusive bonuses, tailor made for their needs. Be sure to read the fine print on any bonuses offered, as they will be subject to ‘playthrough requirements’ which will require you to bet the money awarded a number of times before being able to withdraw wins.

    Software and Games

    Reputable gaming operators will allow for third party auditors to audit their software regularly. Look out for ‘eCogra’ or ‘TST’ certification on a site, as this is a sure sign of an open and ethical online operator.

    A popular gaming software in this jurisdiction is Real Time Gaming (RTG) who have a great selection of games, which are streamlined for your desktop or mobile device. There are however quite a few casinos that use the software from industry leaders such as Microgaming and NetEnt, as well.  This means you can expect a full array of slot, table games and much more at Curacao Casinos.

    A big bug in the system: There was a recent case where problematic software cheated a player out of a massive progressive jackpot. Be sure to ensure that you are playing on a legitimate site with industry standard software to avoid such losses.”


    GamblersPick is dedicated to safeguarding players and their interests. We aim to inform you of the facts in hope that you will make the gaming decisions that are right for you. We recommend having a look at the GamblersPick peer reviews, paying special attention to casinos carrying the GamblersPick Select badge.

    Curacao eGaming Licensed Online Casinos

    There are many Curacao licensed online casinos, and some of them are among the industry leaders. Thanks to this license being very respected in the gambling world, many online casinos want to be licensed by Curacao eGaming, even when they aren't their only regulator. Adding a Curacao gaming license lands further credibility to an online casino, so you're bound to often come across it during your online gambling adventures.


    Curacao may be a small nation, but when it comes to licensing businesses, they certainly know what they are doing. From financial institutions to online casinos and sportsbooks, Curacao regulators make sure that business that they are licensing is run smoothly and fairly. While some gambling institutions with the Curacao licensing have gone rogue in the past, this was in no way related to the regulator itself and the body has always done its best to keep the players’ interests in the first place. Playing with Curacao licensed online casinos is as safe as it gets and the best part is that players from all over the world can play in Curacao regulated online casinos.

    Top Bonuses

    Welcome Bonus


    100% up to $300 on your first deposit



    Does Curacao gaming license ensure the safety of an online casino?
    Yes! Curacao is a legitimate online casino regulator and their licenses ensure the safety of online gaming companies that they license.
    No! The body itself does not vouch for any deposits made, but their license does serve as a guarantee that the casino in question is operating in a safe and honest manner.
    The casinos regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority are safe to play at and allow players from some restricted areas to play with the casinos. While they not be the safest in the industry, Curacao regulated casinos are considered safe and fair by the experts in the industry.

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