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    Gibraltar Remote Gambling Division

    12 Casinos Jurisdiction: Gibraltar Type: Offshore Founded: 2012


    If it is safety and fairness you are looking for in an online casino, you should look for the seal of the Gibraltar Remote Gambling Division on their site. Learn more about this licensing body and the online casinos it regulates to a top standard.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Gibraltar Remote Gambling Division

    Ever since 2005, Gibraltar has been one of the leaders when it comes to licensing of the online gambling businesses. Located in Western Europe and with a high level of independence, this British territory decided to create a licensing body for online or remote gambling that would be a leader in the field.

    This was the birth of the Gibraltar Remote Gambling Division, a body dedicated to ensuring the safety and fairness of the online gambling world. Online casinos that wish to prove their reliability to their players flock around this body, looking to gain its approval and its coveted operating license.

    About Gibraltar Remote Gambling Division

    Throughout the world there are a vast number of online casinos servicing the wants and needs of iGaming fans. As the online gambling industry has begun to mature we have seen many of these countries recognise that they have a love of gambling, or even a strong gambling culture historically, and choosing to regulate because of it.

    Naturally this is not all from altruism, rather it serves two purposes. On one hand they protect the rights, and financial status, of their residents while also tapping into a virile source of local and international revenue generation.

    There are unfortunately always a few sharks in the sea, which means that online gambling must be tightly regulated in order to protect both the players and vendors involved. It is for this reason that various Gambling Regulating Authorities exist in the more popular online casino friendly countries.

    Three Most Popular Regulating Authorities:

    ➀ Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)

    ➁ Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

    ➂ United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKGC)

    The above three listed authorities govern some of the most reputable casinos available to play at throughout the world. For the sake of this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look into casinos licensed in Gibraltar.


    Situated just off the mainland of Spain, this little Island colony is in fact an UK ‘overseas’ territory. It is a self-governing land that is dependant on Britain for all external relations, but all its internal matters are dealt with by its own government.

    It is probably better known for its gambling industry than the famous ‘Rock’. Aside from the dozens of online casino servers based in the country, the small island haven boasts four land-based casinos to boot.

    Employing the Masses! Of approximately 33,000 residents on the island of Gibraltar, an amazing 12% of them are employed in the online gambling industry in one way or another.”


    When you start to understand that Gibraltar is an island that is only a few miles from one coast to the next, and that there is so much gambling business found there, you cannot help but realise that there must be definitive draw card to this place.

    Unlike the UK that charges a 15% value added tax on casino operators, Gibraltar’s taxes have been a minute amount in comparison. This has led gambling businesses to set up their online hubs in the territory to benefit from the reasonable tax laws.

    Threat to the industry: Gibraltar’s revenues are under threat by none other than Brexit. With a reprieve until 2020 the long term reality is that when the EU legal frameworks no longer apply Gibraltar may lose access to the UK which is a large portion of its current revenue.


    The 2008 financial recession crippled many European nations, but Gibraltar managed to dodge the bullet, instead claiming accolades for being one of the fasted growing economies in Europe. Much of its success was due to its gambling proficiency.

    Because the industry plays such a massive part in the 6.5 square kilometre colony’s revenues, it is understandable that the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) is highly protective of the industry. As such, you will find that it has one of the most stringent gambling laws code in in the world, the Gambling Act 2005. It’s not strict without reason. They aim to:

    • Keep the service levels very high
    • Customer protection through actively enforcing fair practice regulations
    • Safeguard casino vendors from abuse



    Casinos are a product of the quality of the licensing authority that they are subject to. Because Gibraltar is such a small place, everybody knows everybody. This makes it easier for the gambling commissioner to interact with various casinos. This way nothing falls through the cracks. So, what can we expect from such casinos?


    These casino sites are renowned for being exceptionally player friendly. If any fall short, you will be able to contact the Gambling Commissioner, directly. He is never afraid to take speedy action if he believes that a site is in breach of the regulations and online gambling laws. It is for this very reason that online casinos in this jurisdiction ‘tow the party line’, to ensure that they do not pay unnecessary penalties.


    In order to qualify for licensing, a casino site must be of the highest standard. Not only must the entertainment factor be present, but a full list of services should be installed to make the grade. It is thereby conclusive that all online casinos that are in keeping with the Gibraltar gambling legislation are of top quality and should therefore offer you hassle free service.


    Of course, it is difficult to start standing out as an online casino when all of your competitors are held to the same quality standards. The only way to garnish an edge over others is by being fiercely competitive with the bonus offers you make available to players, in order to draw them in.

    For this very reason, you can almost guarantee that a Gibraltar casino will offer you some of the most spectacular online casino bonuses. Because of their ethical standards, the bonuses cannot be too good to be true, as they will be forced to make sure that they live up to any offer within the parameters of their terms and conditions. So never fear, when a Gibraltar License is near!


    As a consequence of enforcing business excellence from their licensees Gibraltar has ensured that online casinos who are serious about their brand reputation and proving to players that they are worth taking note of hold, or have held, a licence from in this regulatory region.

    As a result of this boost of quality casino brands it has become a safe bet that you will have access to some of the best game libraries on offer by Tier 1 gambling software providers such as Microgaming, Netent and many others.

    Casino games categories include:

    • Slots (Video Slots, Vegas Slots, Classic Slots, Progressive Slots and more)
    • Table Games (Including: blackjack, poker variants, baccarat, roulette, and craps)
    • Live Dealer Games
    • Scratch Games
    • Dice Games
    • Keno Games
    • Asian Games
    • Arcade Games



    In understanding the level of quality that a Gibraltar Regulatory Authority licensee is required to maintain, we can safely advise that selecting one of these reputable casinos will insure peace of mind when it comes to customer services and ethical gambling practice.

    Sign-up at one of our recommended Gibraltar based online or mobile casinos now and start playing your favourite titles, pronto!

    Gibraltar Remote Gambling Division Licensed Online Casinos

    The high requirements that the Gibraltar Remote Gambling Commission puts before its applicants are not easy to meet. However, those online casnios that do meet them are among the best in the world. Once a casino receives this license, you can be sure that it is a very serious business that is not aiming to defraud its players in any way and that your money is kept in very safe hands.


    The level of safety that the Gibraltar gaming licenses ensure is beyond anything you will see in the industry. Gibraltar regulated casinos ensure that the money you deposit is kept in segregated bank accounts and that their games are 100% fair and continue to be so. All of this makes Gibraltar regulated online casinos the best places to gamble online, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Top Bonuses

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    100% up to $300 on your first deposit



    How safe are Gibraltar regulated online casinos?
    Gibraltar licenses ensure the level of player safety that is not available with any other online casinos in the industry. Gibraltar online casinos are the safest in the business.
    No! Gibraltar Remote Gambling Division does not allow players from regions where online gambling is illegal to play in online casinos it regulates.
    A great number of the most popular and finest online casinos in the world are regulated and licensed by this regulating body. You can find the list of those casinos above.

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