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  • Greek Gaming Commission


    Jurisdiction: Greece
    Country: Greece
    AKA: HGC
    Type: Local
    Founded: 2012
    Greek Gaming Commission

    Learn all about the Greek Gaming Commission (Hellenic Gaming Commission) , their licenses and the state monopoly over online and live gambling in Greece and how you can play online casino games from Greece.

    Online Casinos Licensed by Greek Gaming Commission

    Greece is one of the European countries where online gambling regulation has been taken very seriously.

    Regulation of online gambling has gone through the Greek legislature on multiple occasions, with the regulation going from lenient to very restrictive in a matter of a decade.

    What started out with Greek Gaming Commission giving out a number of interim licenses to online casinos ended up with almost all online casinos eventually being asked to take their business elsewhere in favor of a single entity, the OPAP.

    About Greek Gaming Commission

    Greek Gaming Commission initially issued over 20 online casino licenses back in 2011 but these casinos were asked to stop providing their services in Greece when a new act was passed by the government which gave a state operated OPAP a virtual monopoly over the online gambling industry as well as live gambling.

    This resulted in many online casinos moving out of Greece permanently, banning Greek players, while others decided to accept Greek players while not operating within the country itself.

    Casinos for You

    Greek Gaming Commission Licensed Online Casinos

    Currently, the only gambling company that is licensed by the Greek Gaming Commission is the government operated OPAP.

    All other online casinos and online gambling sites that cater to Greek players are licensed only by international licenses and are accepting Greek players without actually having a physical presence within the country.


    Gambling with the government licensed sites is always the safest option, so playing games that are run by OPAP is definitely the easiest choice for Greek players. However, given the small number of options offered by this company, Greek gamblers are forced to look to international online casinos to enjoy their favorite online games.

    If you are playing from Greece, remember that you can play with any online casino that will let you create an account and you will not get into any legal trouble, as Greek residents are not prohibited by law from playing any games they desire. The casinos are the only ones who can get in trouble with the Greek authorities.


    Is it safe to play with sites other than OPAP?

    Yes! The Greek government will not sanction you for playing games with any operator that accepts you as a player and there are no regulations regarding players.

    Will other online casinos ever be licensed by Greek government?

    This is very likely, as the European legislature is pressuring Greece to break their OPAP monopoly.

    Are there any online casinos in Greek language?

    Yes! Quite a few online casinos offer Greek language in order to cater to Greek players, so you can play in your native language at international casinos.

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