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  • Poland Gaming Authority


    Jurisdiction: Poland
    Country: Poland
    Type: Local
    Founded: 2016
    URL: mf.gov.pl
    Poland Gaming Authority

    Find out everything you need to know about the Poland Gaming Authority and online casino play for Polish players. Learn where you can play safely and what Poland online casinos are available to you

    Online Casinos Licensed by Poland Gaming Authority

    Poland is another one of the many European countries whose laws on online gambling are quite restrictive. The Poland Gaming Authority is the ultimate regulator of all gambling activities in Poland and the body currently only licenses several sports betting institutions, while all other gaming activities must be done at foreign online gambling sites. Fortunately, Polish government does not object to Polish citizens playing in foreign licensed online casinos, which gives players from Poland plenty of options

    About Poland Gaming Authority

    The Poland Gaming Authority has been issuing online gaming licenses since 2011, when the Gambling Act of 2011 was put into place, making the vast majority of online gambling illegal and only leaving a handful of sports betting sites in operation.

    To this date, no online casino is licensed by the Poland Gaming Authority and international online casinos are the best choice for Polish players looking to gamble it up online.

    Casinos for You

    Poland Gaming Authority Licensed Online Casinos

    As we have mentioned, Poland Gaming Authority does not license any online casinos at this time. For this reason, Polish players are forced to look outside of Poland for online casino action, and the government allows players to play at any online casinos regulated by the other European regulators without being penalized in any way.

    This is thanks to European laws that force members of the EU to allow their citizens to use services of online gambling sites operated in other member states.



    If you are into sports betting, the Poland Gaming Authority has licensed several sites to operate sports betting platforms within Poland. On the other hand, if it is online casino action you are looking for, your only option is to look to online casinos operated and licensed outside of the country.

    Fortuantely for you, there are plenty of online casinos regulated by countries such as Malta and Gibraltar that offer a very high standard of safety and fairness to their players. Polish players should look to well licensed foreign online casinos for their online action.


    Does Poland Gaming Authority license any online casinos?

    At this time, no online casinos operate under a license of the Poland Gaming Authority and you should look to foreign casinos for your action.

    Is it safe to gamble online from Poland?

    Polish government does not interfere with players playing in foreign online casinos and as long as you play with a well licensed European online casino, you should be perfectly safe.

    Can I play in Polish language?

    A decent number of online casinos offer Polish as one of their languages of choice for players’ convenience.

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