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    Website: dragonpay.ph
    Currencies: PHP USD
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    Dragonpay has been around for ten years and since its inception back in 2010, the service has completed over eighteen million money transactions as well as gained over eleven million customers.

    What is Dragonpay?

    Located in the Philippines, Dragonpay is growing, rapidly expanding online money transfer service. The service is packed with alternative, progressive payment solutions that enable different merchants to accept instant payments through online banking services, physical outlets such as remittance and payment centers and finally ATMs. The main company’s goal is to provide an easily accessible and one hundred percent secure payment channel for different markets.

    Using Dragonpay in Online Casinos

    Dragonpay can be used for online casino gaming as well. This online payment platform allows its customers including online casino players to fund their online casino accounts from convenient e-commerce merchants without using that more traditional payment means such as credit and debit cards. Instead, the customer uses his or her online banking facility. To use the company’s online banking channel, customers need to login to their bank’s website or mobile app, select a fund transfer using Dragonpay and verify their transactions by selecting the online validation link that they receive.

    Top Dragonpay Casinos

    As expected, Dragonpay which was founded in the Philippines is mainly available across online casinos that serve Asian customers. As the company’s alternative payment channel grows, more online casinos may accept this payment option.

    Online Casinos Using Dragonpay

    What is Dragonpay?

    Dragonpay is an online payment processing platform that allows customers to pay for online services without using traditional payment means such as credit cards.

    Is it safe to use this payment option?

    Using Dragonpay is safe at all times as the service employs the latest Secure Socket Layer technology to protect the transmission of customers’ data.

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