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    Diners Club is a payment method used to deposit money to your online casino account. Here you can find reviews, information about bonuses for Diners Club.

    What is Diners Club?

    Diners Club was initially founded back in 1950 as a method to make payments at restaurants. Through time, the company grew, and their cards became a popular method of payment for various leisure activities. Today, Diners Club is one of the more popular credit cards in the world, used to make payments of all sorts. Diners Club was acquired by Discover in 2008, increasing the value and the power of the brand even further.

    Using Diners Club in Online Casinos

    Using Diners Club cards in online casinos is identical to using any credit card to make a similar deposit. You will need to go to the cashier section of the online casino, select Diners Club from the list of payment options and then input your credit card data. This includes the credit card number, card holder’s name, expiration date and the CVV number, which is used as an extra security layer. Once all this data is inserted, you can easily make a deposit for an amount that you can charge to the card and the deposit will instantly appear in your balance.

    Top Diners Club Casinos

    While it may not be the most popular payment method among online casino players, Diners Club cards are accepted by a reasonable number of online casinos, especially after they were bought out by Discover in 2008. You can find a full list of online casinos that accept Diners Club credit cards as a payment method right here on our site and register with any of them to make your Diners Club deposit.

    Online Casinos Using Diners Club

    While you may be more used to seeing the more popular credit cards, such as Visa or MasterCard, as payment methods in online casinos, Diners Club credit cards are also available at quite a few online casinos. These online casinos recognize the fact that so many people use Diners Club as their main credit card and wish to use it to make online casino deposits as well. Keep reading and find out more about how you can use your Diners Club card in order to make deposits with online casinos.


    Can American players use Diners Club cards to make deposits?

    No! If you are an American holding a Diners Club card, do not attempt to make deposits into online casinos, as it will not work and your bank could become suspicious. Online gambling is not allowed in the USA, barring a few states and a few casinos in those states.

    Is my card exposed when I use it in an online casino?

    As long as you make sure you are using your card in a safe and regulated online casino you should be ok. Remember that hackers can hack your computer though, so there is still a chance of your card info being compromised even if the casino is safe.

    What can I do to make my payments safer?

    If you want to add extra safety to your deposits, using e-wallets as middlemen in your deposits and withdrawals is a good option. Another possibility is to use pre-paid payment methods which also adds safety.

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