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    Website: easyeft.co.za
    Currencies: ZAR
    Languages: English
    Popular in: South Africa


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    EasyEFT is a South African payment provider registered in Mauritius. The company is relatively new, but has already shown itself as a very convenient and easy to use e-wallet. The good news is that EasyEFT can now be used in online casinos, too, which is great for most of its users (if not for all).

    What is EasyEFT?

    EasyEFT is a regional payment method provider headquartered in Mauritius and operating in South Africa. With a lack of decent payment solutions in that region, EasyEFT is definitely in the forefront, providing top tier service in everything that relates to online payments.

    The company features a very straightforward model of funds depositing, with no credit or debit cards involved. Everything is done with online bank transfers, while transactions are processed in the matter of minutes.

    Using EasyEFT in Online Casinos

    Paying through EasyEFT is really easy, as the name of this payment operator suggests. Paying in an online casino does not actually differ from doing so in an online store; all you need is just head to Cashier, fund EasyEFT in the list of deposit methods, and there you go! In a few minutes at max, you will already be able to play your favorite games.

    Top EasyEFT Casinos

    EasyEFT has been chosen by many an online casino, thanks to the company's adherence to standards, reliability, and availability. Safety and security are synonyms of EasyEFT, which makes it a very attractive option to implement in any online casino out there. Some of online casinos using EasyEFT are really famous, so with an EasyEFT account you can really be on top.

    Online Casinos Using EasyEFT

    EasyEFT is one of the few online bank transfer providers in its region, making it a prominent payment operator for most local online stores. Besides being a great solution for regular e-commerce, it is now becoming a good payment platform for online casinos, too. Most casinos are interested in connecting more and more payment methods to their websites, and EasyEFT is definitely a very good option.


    Is EasyEFT a reliable payment method?

    Probably one of the most reliable in its segment. The company ensures all information entered by client is kept strictly confidential, while all payments are secured with advanced technologies. If you use EasyEFT, you can rest assured that no issues may prevent you from playing your favorite casino games, and everything is going to run smoothly and hassle-free.

    Where can I use EasyEFT?

    Currently, this solution works in South Africa, as well as in some other African countries. For more information, you can refer to EasyEFT support.

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