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    Visa Debit is one of the major debit cards in the world. With this method, you can link your debit card to your checking account, and easily use it to pay for goods and services wherever Visa is accepted, which includes a majority of online casinos.

    What is Visa Debit?

    The Visa Debit card, just like the Visa credit card, is directly linked to your bank account. Visa Debit can be used to take out a loan that will be paid off from funds in your bank account, as well to spend money available in your bank account. It is also can be used to make payments at a large number of points of sale (POS) anywhere in the world, as well as at online stores and in foreign countries. It is used to withdraw funds from ATMs in your country and abroad. The ultimate goal of Visa is to fully replace transactions that require cash with electronic transactions in all walks of life.

    Using Visa Debit in Online Casinos

    Visa credit and debit cards have long been the best way to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, but with the arrival of e-wallets, Visa has been swept aside, as most of the e-wallets require the same processing time, sometimes even less. That’s why online casinos will often award players bonuses for using Visa Debit to make deposits. The process is fairly simple, as you’ll need to choose Visa as your method, enter the 16-digit card number, the three-digit CCV2 number located on the back of your Visa card, and confirm the transaction. If you have money available in your bank account, the funds will become available for play almost immediately.


    Is there a limit to how much I can deposit with Visa Debit?

    The minimum and maximum deposit amount will vary from one casino to another, but players can count that the range usually works towards the favor of the customer. The casinos always list their minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts on their sites in the cashier section.

    Is there a prohibition on using Visa Debit for online gambling?

    Visa itself has imposed no limits on customers using their debit card to make deposits. However, banks can impose restrictions on the cards and where it can be used.

    Are my personal and banking details kept safe with Visa Debit?

    Customers needn’t worry; all details are perfectly safe due to excellent safety measures enacted by the company.

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