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    Before you start playing video poker machines online, learn how to play and how you should use the optimal strategy to increase your winning chances.

    video poker is easily one of the most widespread casino games in online casinos. With hundreds of versions available and some of the highest payout percentages in the industry, playing video poker is definitely something any gambler will want to do at least once in their career.

    Before you start playing any video poker machine, make sure you have consulted the game’s paytable and had a hard thought about the best strategy to apply to the game. To help you with that, there are many resources out there, with optimal strategy for most games already worked out into detail.

    Video Poker Gameplay

    When it comes to actually playing the game of video poker in online casinos, the process is fairly simple. The play starts with the player selecting the value of the coin and the number of coins to bet. In most video poker variations, betting the maximum number of coins will result in a royal flush jackpot becoming available, which is why it is advisable to always bet five coins per spin, no matter the coin value.

    Once a player is ready to start playing and the bet value has been determined, a click on the spin button will get the game started. A five card hand is dealt out, with player seeing all five cards. The player than has an option of drawing new cards to substitute any of his first five cards. It is advisable to always leave the best paying combinations in your hand and try drawing to other, more potent poker hands if possible. In some situations, it is smart to break up a pair or other weak hands to try and hit a hand like a straight or royal flush.

    Before you play any video poker game, you should make sure that you know what the optimal strategy is for that game. This will greatly increase your chances of winning or at least losing the minimum. Remember, video poker machines have some of the best payout rates of all the casino games, often exceeding 99%, so playing optimal strategy in video poker is crucial to your success.


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