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    EntroPay was an Ixaris brand and was closed due to Visa not extending licensing in Europe for gaming

    Entropay is a payment method used to deposit money to your online casino account. Here you can find reviews, information about bonuses for Entropay.

    What is Entropay?

    EntroPay is a groundbreaking payment method that makes it possible for anyone to transfer money to their online casino account. Your credit rating does not factor into the equation, since EntroPay is available to anyone who wants to deposit funds and play online casino games for real money. It is a prepaid virtual Visa or MasterCard, and has been in operation in Europe for over 13 years. Already 2 million people use EntroPay’s services, many of them at their favourite EntroPay online casinos.

    It is a cost-effective, secure, and user-friendly service designed to manage payments quickly and easily. EntroPay does away with expensive bank fees, account restrictions, and interest charges. Online casino players can quickly and easily register for an EntroPay account, activate their card and deposit funds. It is fully compatible with all EntroPay-friendly casinos around the world.

    Using Entropay in Online Casinos

    Once you have selected EntroPay as your deposit or withdrawal method, you can pick your preferred EntroPay online casino according to our preferred listing of operators. We are regarded as the world’s definitive resource for online casinos, courtesy of extensive research and player feedback. Your gaming entertainment will be enhanced by picking an EntroPay online casino that offers the broadest range of skill-based games and games of chance. Multivendor operators are preferred, since they feature the biggest progressive jackpots and the widest variety. All the listed EntroPay online casinos have our stamp of approval, and we recommend them without reservation.

    It is quick, easy, and free to register for an EntroPay account. All your online casino transactions can be conducted with virtual EntroPay cards or plastic EntroPay Visa or MasterCards. Once you have registered, your information is encrypted with the highest security protocols against third-party interception of your personal data. Simply pick EntroPay from the drop-down list of accepted payments options, make your deposit and play for real money. The range of online casino games available with EntroPay is extensive, and guaranteed to entertain you until the early hours. Play with confidence at all EntroPay online casinos, knowing that your money is safe and secure, and when it comes time to cash out you can do so instantly.


    Is EntroPay right for me?

    If you have ever used a Visa debit card/credit card, or a MasterCard debit card/credit card, then you are an ideal candidate for an EntroPay card. This card can be used at all those places, and it is the best payment option for online casinos. Unlike traditional debit and credit cards, all transactions on your EntroPay card are guaranteed private. Don’t worry about details of your expenses and incomes being published in your statements, or delivered to your house. EntroPay is private, secure, and right for you.

    Who can use EntroPay?

    What’s great about EntroPay is its universal adoption among players and online casinos. To date, EntroPay is available in at least seven languages, across multiple continents. Provided your country accepts EntroPay as a payments method, you can quickly and easily register and deposit funds at your favourite online casino. You won’t have to worry about your credit score – that does not feature when you use EntroPay.

    How safe is EntroPay?

    All EntroPay online casinos guarantee the safety and security of this payment method. GamblersPick experts have given a thumbs up to EntroPay, since it is the preferred option of players and online casinos around the world. No personal information or financial data is shared between EntroPay and the online casino in question. Everything is watertight secure at all times.

    How do you receive your payouts with EntroPay?

    With an EntroPay card in hand, you can opt to have your winnings paid into your card, or another method of your choosing. EntroPay is accepted everywhere you see the MasterCard or Visa symbol. That means most every online casino will make a big effort to incorporate EntroPay as part of their preferred payments options.


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